How to teach online and earn money

How To Teach Online And Earn Money?

Here is a definitive guide on how to teach online and earn money.

Teaching is traditionally considered a noble profession. But it is also thought out to be a profession that doesn’t really pay well unless you teach at a well-reputed school or college. And that was the case up until a few years ago. Using the power and flexibility of the internet, hundreds of thousands of educators have started to earn more money than they thought they could. What started out as a part-time job has turned into flourishing full-time careers for most of them. 

Are you wondering how to teach online classes? Then this article is for you. Let’s find out.

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Who can teach students online?

If you believe you have enough knowledge in a particular subject and would like to share it with learners, you can become a tutor and start teaching online. The skills you have would benefit learners who want to master the same and they might be willing to pay for it. Your skills need to be something you acquired from your teaching profession. They might also be something you learned from your work, this will be the best opportunity to earn.

Why you should teach online?

The following are the reasons why you should teach online and earn money

Reach a wider audience

Creating an online course allows you to access customers (learners) you otherwise would not have gained access to. You are no longer restricted to the boundaries of your classroom or your geographical location. If you market yourself enough, you can even get international students, so start to teach online today.

Easy Management

Online teaching has made it possible for you to build something from the ground up. A comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) Like Learnyst provides everything you need to easily manage your online institute. You can supercharge the whole user experience using many of its features. 

Location no bar

You don’t have to show up at a specific geographic location when you are an online educator. The only place to have to show up is online and it can be from anywhere in the world. You can teach students from a beachside resort or your favorite mountain range. 

No unnecessary cost

There is literally no extra cost for things like paper or distributing books when you are an online educator – you become clutter-free. Everything from creating your course to launching it to marketing it will be done online and you will have specified fixed rates.

Flexible timing

Online educators are not restricted to school or college timings. They can work as and when they please to create course content and respond to students’ inquiries. This ultimately allows you to be more innovative in your teaching style and content. 

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Online teaching platforms in India to earn money


Over the years, Learnyst has empowered thousands of online educators and academies to provide seamless learning experiences for their students. This is one of the most feature-rich and comprehensive platforms available that lets tutors create their courses from the ground up. To breathe some fresh air into even the most boring of concepts, tutors can use rich content formats like quizzes and interactive videos.    


The platform has a single purpose of disrupting the education ecosystem by allowing anyone to learn from its pool of thousands of experts. The platform features several contents creating tools to create the likes of PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, audio, video. Instructors can use it for a fee. However, Udemy charges 50% on each sale of a course. Currently, the platform has around 12 million students.  


This is a tool that was built to overcome some of the major disadvantages of Udemy. Udemy provides very little autonomy to instructors, they can’t even control branding and pricing of courses, and they get very limited information about people who buy their course. Teachable overcomes all these. 


This is another well-known player in the eLearning industry. This platform has been a favorite choice among instructors for live and on-demand webinars. It boasts features including slides, screen sharing, video, and audio. WizIQ is particularly popular among academic course content creators. 


This is probably one of the easiest tools for instructors to use as instructors are not required to be technologically proficient to use it. The creators of the platform have made it a priority to simplify the creation of courses as easily as possible for tutors. It has features including payment gateways like PayPal, MailChimp integration, and daily data backup.

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Create and sell your courses online

Create engaging course content 

The difference between a mediocre online course and a great online course comes down to how good the course content is. The following are the ways to ensure your content is top-notch: 

Choose the right subject matter

Choose a subject matter that you are confident you can teach and in demand at the same time. It has to appeal to both you and your audience to make better use of online learning.

Test your idea

You need to be double sure about your course content before taking them live. You can create a landing page to test the content you have created. This test landing page should not have to be descriptive. Just give a concise description of the course that explains what people can expect to learn. Also, add imagery to get people’s attention. Circle this around your friends and sample audience to see what they think.

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Write the course outline

Write down a list of lessons you plan to teach online. Then break them down to the main topics you want to cover. Follow the logical order and try to make your ideas evolve naturally from one to the other to ensure a smooth learning process. Teaching is all about guiding your audience through the idea, step by step. 

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Create the course content

If you already have professional experience with the topics you plan to teach, you likely have already put together content about it. It could be something as simple as a blog post to something as extensive as a podcast. You can always repurpose these as your official course content, saving you tons of effort and time. However, if you do have to create fresh content, the following are the formats you should focus on. 

  • PowerPoint Presentations 
  • Interactive Quizzes 
  • Videos 
  • Podcasts 
  • Dialogue simulations
  • eBooks
  • Interactive videos 
  • Games 
  • Virtual and Augmented reality simulations 

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Marketing your course

The best place to market your course is, you guessed it right– online. There are many digital marketing channels you can leverage to market products and services. But for online courses, the following are the best.

Create a website

Your educational portal will help you funnel traffic towards your online course. It is likely the first thing people will search for when they first hear of your brand. So, it is important to make a first impression with a great authoritative website. Include a photograph of yourself on the About Us section or the home page. Also include testimonials from people who have already purchased your course and benefited from it. Make sure your website has these as mandatory – (a) About Page (b) Contact Page (c) Sales Page (d) Product Page. 

how to teach online classesTeach online website

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Start a blog

Blogs have stood the test of time as the best source to get quality traffic for your website. This is because people will find them on their own (assuming SEO is done right) and ultimately a bunch of them will land on your website. You can use blogs to demonstrate your knowledge, help your audience and develop an internet presence.

how to teach online classes

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Social media has become and will remain one of the best ways to market your course. Find out the top three or four platforms where your target audience is most active and use them to build your audience and engage with them. You can even do paid advertisements on these platforms. Note: the performance of these paid ads will depend a lot on the quality of the ads. 

how to teach online classes

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Build an email list 

Did you know that email marketing has the highest ROI of any digital marketing channels? Using the right tools, email marketing can be automated and personalized to get quality leads for your course. To build an email list, invite people who are part of your target audience to sign up for your website through social media and other channels. Once you’ve built a large enough list, you can start sending out content like newsletters and information about your course. 

how to teach online classes

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Make money with online teaching jobs

Search online and you can find a lot of teaching jobs that you can teach online and make money online from the comfort of your home & Increase your earning potential and the money earned. Here is a snapshot of online teaching jobs that you can apply for.

Online teaching jobs

Learnyst is a Learning Management System like no other. Using our platform, educators all over the country have launched over 25,000 courses and earned over INR 350 Crore collectively. Most of them have achieved an astonishing 20X ROI. We can not only help you create your course content; we can do a lot more like: 

  • Create a custom SEO optimized website and a mobile application for your course 
  • Create interactive content like quizzes 
  • Easily integrate with third-party tools. For example, Mailchimp to run email marketing campaigns
  • Create mock tests to test the effectiveness of your teachings

Now that you have seen how to teach online and earn money, it is time to take action. Start building and selling your own courses using Learnyst today. Started teach online and earn money right now! 

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