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Online Course Ideas – Most Demanding Topics in 2021

Creating a profitable online course is never an easy task. Ask a course creator what was the most difficult part of this process – 9 out of 10 would say it was coming up with online course ideas.

Identifying the best niches for online courses has always been a pain point for e-tutors. They know that the success of a course lies in its foundation and these topics form the very core of these courses.

2021 has seen heavy demand for online courses. However, some significant changes can be seen in the most sought-after topics after the onset of the pandemic. 

Most In-demand online courses in 2021

We’ve covered all the hot topics for online courses in this post. Pick one of them and experience instant success in your online academy.

Personality Development

Personality development is one of the evergreen online course ideas that has always had great acceptance amongst audiences. After all, it plays a significant role in every individual’s life for both their professional and personal growth. Moreover, personality development courses are fun to both create as well as attend.

If you can influence people with your thoughts in a creative way, you are sure to find more students for your course. Try incorporating real-life examples of successful people, interactive activities, games, and more to make the course interesting and useful.

Language Courses

Language courses have suddenly found great demand in 2021 with many people interested in learning a new foreign language during the lockdown. A report by WordTips shows that English, Hindi, Spanish, and French are the most popular languages in the world. If you are an expert in any one of these languages, you can go ahead and create a course. You are bound to get a sufficient number of students right from the beginning. 

Online course ideas


During this lockdown, several music teachers started online classes and tasted success within a short span. Teaching music online has a lot of benefits such as –  

  • Access to a large community of people interested in music from different geographics
  • Taking classes from the comfort of your home
  • You have no investment apart from a laptop, internet and software to conduct classes.

People are so stressed in today’s world that they are constantly on the lookout for stress-busting activities. And music has historically been one of the best stress relievers for most people.

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Fitness & well-being

Fitness is an important and unignorable aspect of our life. With the ongoing pandemic situation, the need for staying fit has only multiplied. Unfortunately, gyms and fitness studios have faced closure due to the lockdown, taking away an important source of staying fit. 

Many fitness gurus have slowly started realizing that taking their gym online is the only way to survive this pandemic. And not only did they survive, but faced tremendous success in this new medium

Tarun Gill is a classic example. He joined hands with Learnyst to create and market his fitness classes. And soon enough he enjoyed nearly 20,000 subscribers through his branded fitness app.

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Digital Marketing

The Internet is evolving every day and so is digital marketing. With so many websites and online businesses coming into existence, there is a bright future in digital marketing. However, not many understand what exactly digital marketing is. If you have sound knowledge of digital marketing, then you are assured of many takers for your course. The best part is the internet is already flooded with content and resources about digital marketing which you can use instantly to create your course. 

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Content Writing

A course on content writing would be useful for all types of writers. The number of freelance content writers is greatly increasing these days and most of them are not professional writers. They would welcome a course on content writing with open arms to get better at what they are doing. As an add-on, you can talk about SEO as it has become a critical component of writing today.

Online course ideas


Trust us when we say this – There are not so many good courses on entrepreneurship today. But every individual has that interest or a dream to start something of their own. Their fear and a lack of knowledge about entrepreneurship is what pulls them away from achieving this dream. As a course creator, you can bridge that gap by creating a handy course filled with practical case studies and activities to help them understand what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have taken over the world by storm. So there is no surprise to find them in this list of most demanding topics of 2021. The world will be relying heavily on AI & ML in the coming days and for that, you need people with good knowledge. 

If you have working experience in this subject or have got a degree in it, then go ahead and create a course on AI and ML. Even if you don’t find takers immediately, you will invariably get students soon as these technologies have a bigger role to play in the coming days.


If your target audience is school and college students, then you can certainly consider creating a course on a programming language. Though programming is taught in school and colleges, they are not deep enough to help them in their jobs. Make students come up with smart ideas and guide them on building their own application in your course. Such practical knowledge will help them immensely when they land a job.

Stock Markets

People are always on the lookout for making more money and what better way to do it than through the stock market. But investing in the stock market is not easy and you need a lot of skills and techniques to reap profits out of your investment. If you plan to start a course on the stock market, give them a live experience of investment and how to go about the research. 

Along with the stock market, you can even create a short course on cryptocurrency. Not many have done it so far and you will have a first mover’s advantage. 

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