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Learnyst Vs Traditional Learning Management Systems

Unlike traditional Learning management systems, Learnyst gives flexibility to the teachers to present the learners with more personalized and socialized learning experience with better comprehensibility of the information they are presented with. What makes Learnyst different from a Traditional LMS? It’s important that you realize the differences between Learnyst and traditional learning management system models. The traditional LMS…


How To Create Subjective Assessment For Your Course?

Some criteria of achievement, such as complex thinking and contextually-sensitive performance, cannot really be measured with validity by objective ratings. Valid assessment of such qualities requires the developed subjective awareness of an experienced professional. Hence the challenge is to make the subjective assessment more reliable. Learnyst quiz maker provides you the option you just wanted….

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Trouble-Free Online Quizzes With Instant Save

According to a study made by  the Distance Education Research and Application Center, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey, one of the major problems encountered by Distance Education Students taking online quizzes  was Internet Connection Problem while submitting the answers of the test Problem arising from the “Save without Submit” function Power cut! With above problems, taking up online…