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Make online course content using the MS Word

Learn how to make online course content using MS word. You will also learn the intro to writing a proper word document and converting it into PDF.

If you are new to online teaching, you should learn to make online course content with word or pdf.

Creating contents for your online course may seem daunting at first.

However, by taking baby steps towards creating and recording your contents, you can become an expert within a few weeks or months.

So, in this blog-post, we will help you take the first baby step towards creating your online course, using MS word.

Yes, you can create a word file and turn it into a flagship content for your online course.

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Here is what we will cover in this post.

How we can use word file as content?

You can use the word file in many different ways to provide the content in the course.
For instance use it in the following ways

  • Provide solutions to the problem you are addressing through your online course
  • Writing important notes and answers to the questions
  • Using word files to summarize the lessons and important topics

How to write word file contents

The best way to write is to write as if you are talking to your students.

Use imaginary sections like an introduction section, problem section, solution section to express your knowledge clearly.  See the image below.

create slides for an online

Give proper images, explanations wherever required.

Think about your learners and make it as easy and simple as you can.

How to add the word file content in your courses?

Once you have written the content for your course, then click on the file and select save as.

Then change the word file into PDF Format and click save.

Now upload your file in your online academy and publish your course

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What’s Next?

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