Create an Online Course with free Youtube embeds

Did you know that you can create an online course even if you don’t have any videos or content ready? 

Creating an online course, especially one with videos  is not easy to begin with. Agreed right?  

It takes time and some expertise to create a video. And, this puts many teachers off. 

They think that online courses should be video based and therefore never create their courses. 

Truth is, you can create a profitable  online course even with PDF or PPT’s. 

Other than PDF’s or PPT’s you can use youtube embeds to create an online course, even if those videos aren’t exactly yours. 

In this post, we will cover the things you need to know, the legalities involved, and how you can use Youtube embeds to create an online course for your students. 

Create an Online Course

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Know about Creative Commons License

Creative commons is a license where the owner of the content, gives permission to users to share, edit or reuse their contents. 

The license will tell you what all you are permitted to with the creators content and also the things you shouldn’t do. 

This is how a creative commons license looks like. 

Create an Online Course

There are some ground rules for using this license. The first rule is to give credit to the creator of the content. 

For ex: this video is shared under this creative license. As per this license, I can share or edit  this video as long as I don’t use it for monetization. 

There are about 5-6 types of CC licenses. You can know more here on the official website

To summarize, CC license allows you to reuse a creator’s work in your academy provided you abide by the license terms. 

Legality of Using Creative Commons Content 

Now the most important question! 

Won’t there be a problem if you reuse someone’s content? 

Well, as long as you follow the CC license, and give credit to the creator there won’t be a problem. 

Use CC licensed contents to supplement your online academy. 

For safe usage, don’t use any video without CC license mentioned.

You can visit the FAQ section especially the misuse of CC license to know more. 

Now that you have contents available for free, why not abide by CC licenses and create an online course? 

Let us move on to the next step. 

Create an Online course from Youtube Embeds

Go to youtube and simply type the video you want. For ex: I am giving the term “physics class 11”

Select creative commons license and press enter. 

Youtube will show you a list of videos you can reuse. 

Here you can find the official source of the videos. Check the validity of the source and check the license. 

Once you have found your videos, right click on the video, and copy the link. 

Paste it in your online academy. It is really simple. To know more, read this support article here. 

Create an Online Course

Create an Online course from Youtube Embeds – Resources

In this section, let us see the 3 best resources in youtube where you can find the videos.

For instance, if physics is what you teach, you can check Institute of Physics 

Other Youtube channels with creative commons enabled

Other website references (for free content from youtube) 

[1]. [2].

Note: When you go these specific youtube channels mentioned in the links above use the Creative Commons filter. 

So, that is it. Using these sections, create your online course for free. Get started and don’t delay your course creation journey. 

Let us get to meet in the next section of creating an online course using word 

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