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Let’s Teach India, Together With Learnyst – A Learnyst Insight

The ratio of eligible teachers to students is drastically low. And this is the time that we join hands to teach India, together.

Education is one of the most pertinent factors of any equitable society. But there are many other factors that deprive a nation of proper teaching and education. In a recent study, it is revealed that around 50% of the Indian school going kids are undereducated. Which means, that though they are promoted to higher classes every year, they are lagging behind in terms of relevant knowledge. And the story is more or less the same in all the fields of learning. The ratio of eligible teachers to students is drastically low. And this is the time that we join hands to teachb India, together.

One of the fundamental reasons behind inadequate knowledge sharing is the socio-economic constraints. Students belonging to certain socio-economic group miss out on the education that is easily available to other students. Also, the reason is not always a socio-economic one. Geographic constraints also play a crucial role here. Students from one city might as well miss out on the best in class education that is available in some other city. But knowledge as we know it, should not be constrained by any factor. So we found a way to share the knowledge by taking it online. Because tutors can’t solve this eminent issue alone, and we are here to help.

Teach India, Teach Online

Online learning is not a new thing now. But the advantages of online learning has remained more or less the same. These are,

  • Learn from the comfort of one’s house
  • Learning at one’s own pace
  • Take up learning as a supplementary to their course curriculum
  • Learn from world-class tutors, without having to physically travel to different places

and many more…

So as you can see, in a country like India, which is vast in area and a diverse population, the only education format that can teach them, all the same, is the online teaching. And if you are following the recent trends, you might have already noticed the uprise of online teaching. And of course, the teachers won’t right away start teaching online unless there is an inclination of students towards online learning.

Let’s Teach India, Together

Your friends from Learnyst are not far away when you need them. We at Learnyst has taken all the necessary initiatives to help all you independent tutors start teaching in the shortest span of time. Learnyst has developed white-labeled, easy to use online platform that helps you tutors shift your teaching online and teach India easily.

With Learnyst, all you have to do is just prepare your course contents or mock tests and upload that to your own website. Learnyst will take care of all your technological needs while you can concentrate more on teaching and developing best in class study contents and mock tests.

Benefits of Using Learnyst as Your Technology Partner

The benefit of having Learnyst by your side means you can easily do away with technological heavylifting and instead concentrate on teaching, because that what you do best!!

So here’s a quick glimpse of benefits that you would get with Learnyst,

  • Do-It-Yourself website builder for creating a beautiful online website. Educators can create customized & branded eLearning website in just under 15 minutes. There is no coding required. Website built on Learnyst are SEO optimized and responsive.
  • Branded Android & iOS mobile apps to teach and sell the courses on mobile. And check out why mobile apps so important for online teaching.
  • Integrated Payment gateway to sell course and mock tests from your brand. Instantly integrate with your desired payment gateway and keep 100% of course revenue. Learnyst is pre-integrated with payment gateways like CCavenue, Razorpay, Instamojo, Paypal, and Stripe.
  • Support for diverse course content types like Videos, PDFs, PPTs, HTML Lessons and assessments (mock tests)
  • Content encryption to prevent piracy. Encrypt and stream all your videos and PDF course content to learners. Thus making it near to impossible for learners to download course content.
  • Marketing tools like coupon codes, email, SMS, push notification & third party tools integration helps educators reach learners beyond geographies.
  • Integrated LMS system with easy to use course builder, test builder, student manager and analytics tools.
  • In-depth student analytics helps educators assess learners performance. Thereby enabling them to provide targeted feedback and recommendations to learners.
  • Industry standard learning interface to view course content, discussion boards, personal notes section, test engine to take assessments and more.
  • Support for other eLearning features like adaptive streaming, multiple admins, social login, course certificates, multiple languages, currency settings etc.
  • Customer support for any and all unforeseen tech issues

Last Few Words

So if you have read this far, you know what to do, go and sign up on Learnyst.

Here is the link for the GST on online education.

In case you are still having a double mind, we have a 14-day free trial which is absolutely free and it doesn’t ask you to enter your card details. So you can sign up on Learnyst and try out all our features before you start teaching online with us.

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