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Learnyst Free Plan 2022: What You Need to Know

Read this Learnyst forever free pricing plan guide to know what the pricing plan has to offer and decide you can benefit it for your online education business.

Choosing the right online course platform and the right plan could be challenging for you as a course creator.

If you are a course creator, you could have probably wondered at some point if Learnyst is a right platform for you to create and sell your online courses.

In this case, Learnyst Free plan is the apt one for you as it comes with a lot of premium features and zero transaction fees. You can easily set up a course, add your own branding, start marketing, collect payments. Yes, all that is possible with Learnyst’s Forever Free Plan .

It helps you launch your online academy and start building a student base without having to pay a dime.

The added advantage is that you can have unlimited students enrolled in your school and you can create upto ten courses.

So if you are new to this whole online course thing and just want to test the waters, the Free plan is a good place to kick-start with. It will also work well if you’re in the course building phase and want to figure out how the online course platform works.

If you want to create a free Learnyst’s account, you can do that by clicking here. FYI, you do not have to share your card details.

What Does Learnyst’s Free Plan Offer?

Learnyst free plan includes a wonderful array of base features,

In short, the free Learnyst plan is the perfect platform to take your expertise and knowledge to teach your audience — all while getting a feel for the platform before paying for additional features.

How can you take Advantages of The Learnyst Free Plan (For beginner educators)

The Learnyst Free plan comes with lots of features that give you firsthand experience in online course creation and management. They take care of the technical aspects, while you concentrate on developing your course content.

The platform offers unlimited students, 10 courses with 1 DRM encrypted course, mock test and test series, mock test template, email support, live coaching services, and integration with multiple payment platforms.

Learnyst understands the importance of content security. That is why Learnyst’s free plan provides one DRM encrypted course. Course creators can check and sell their most premium course with DRM encryption. sell their most premium course with DRM encryption.

 Unlimited students: The platform offers unlimited students in their free plan, so there is no restriction for the number of students. You can have upto 10 courses,mock test and test series.  and in that you can have one encrypted course. 

Subscription Plans: This feature allows Learners to buy your courses in the form of monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Content Bundles: You can set an independent price and sell bundle as an independent course package..Bundles are like combo courses. You can add multiple courses and tests into a bundle and sell them as one course (bundle). 

Live Classes (With Zoom): You can now securely conduct Zoom classes from your Learnyst account. Only the learners enrolled in your courses will have access to your LIVE classes. They won’t be able to share the Zoom class link with their friends.

SCORM & Tincan Contents: Free plan support SCORM & Tincan Formats. You can upload contents in SCORM & Tincan Formats

Discussion Forums: This feature allows your students to ask questions within a course 

Notes & Bookmarks: This feature let your students to take notes and bookmark important topics

Product Reviews: Allow learners to add ratings & reviews to your courses. 

Section Quiz: It allows you to create quizzes within a course section. This is a great way to improve your student engagement. 

Test take: Youcan take 1000 tests on a free plan. Test takes are counted based on first test attempts

Question Pool: This feature allows you add questions & build your question bank

Mock test template: You will get all the latest competitive exam templates. It will be easy for you to create mock tests using these templates.

Answer Explanation With Videos: This feature allow that You can give answer explanations in the form of videos

DRM Encryption: This feature protects your course content with highly secure DRM encryption. No one can download your v\content even using third party software.

Learner Email Validation: This prevent fake email signups to your online academy 

Login reCAPTCHA: Prevents bots and spammers from accessing your website

Firewall Support: This Protects your websites data from unauthorized access

Parallel Login Restriction: Learners can’t login from two different devices at the same time

SSL Certificates: Your website will have a secure padlock and https url

Watermarking: This feature protects your contents by adding custom watermark text, so you don’t have to worry about your hardworking content protection. 

Watch Time Restriction: Restrict course access by watch time restriction. This will prevent your students from sharing the courses among their friends.

2 Step Authentication:  Activating 2 Step Authentication provides an additional layer of security to your account and makes it difficult for someone to sign into your Learnyst site using your login credentials.

Newsfeed – Content Blog: You can share important posts or course contents in the form of blog articles. You can add meta title and meta description, this will help your SEO effort and help your blog rank on google

Payment Gateway Integrations: You can Integrate with popular Indian or international payment gateways. This helps you to sell courses online and You can get 100% of your payment in your bank account.

Branding: Allow you to customize theme styles like colors, fonts, etc. for your school. 

Advanced Reports: Get detailed reports about your learners and courses sales, that give insight into online course completion rate and  how your learners are performing within the course.

Course Embeddables: Showcase your products and courses on your website by adding embed codes. This way you can showcase your courses wherever you want.

Export User Data: This allows you to export your learner or team members data in excel format. You can use these data for  marketing activities.

Bulk Learner Import: Add learners to your academy in bulk using excel import. This will easy your wokr to manage your learners 

Learner Management: You can Add, delete, block or manage learner data in your academy, you will have full control over your learner / students 

Copy Products: You can easily copy courses, tests or bundles within the same school or to a sub-school. 

Sub Schools: This allows you to Create multiple schools under your main school

Email Support: Your queries will be resolved by our support team via email

The Free LEarnyst free plan is suitable for anyone wanting to test out the platform and even you can start selling your course. The unlimited students option is good for any course seller to make good money.

The free plan also offers integrated payment processing, student management, the ability to offer students to leave comments on your lessons and videos, and mock tests.
And if you have any questions, you can access their customer support through email. In most cases, you will get a reply back within 24 hours.


On the note of concluding, Learnyst free plan is the right fit for anyone who is trying to monetize their skills and teach online. 

Whether you are an educator starting from scratch, or an institute with 1000’s of students, our free plan can help you kickstart your profitable online course selling business journey.  

With zero investment, zero transaction fee and a dependable platform right behind you, you can easily go from a total beginner to watching your first paycheck deposited in your bank account. 

Zero investment, zero transaction fees, with extra ordinary premium features just for you to create content and earn online. Start now!

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