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Best Online Exam Software For You- Comprehensive Buying Guide 2020

This is a comprehensive post on the best online exam software for educators. Gives you 5 top features and compares 5 popular exam software.

This post is about the best online exam software for educators / institutes.

best online exam software

Tests and assessments have undergone a tectonic shift in the recent years. 

Remember the days of students thronging in exam halls with pens and pencils?

And the laborious paper correction work that followed afterward?

They are now, things of the past.  

Today, a more sturdy and easy to use online exam software can conduct exams for you easily. 

It can handle your student data, gives you detailed result analytics and helps you scale your teaching business. Best of all, you can get it whitelabelled in your institute name. 

If you are running an academy and looking to conduct your mock exams online, then this post is for you. 

Let us explore in detail what this online exam software is, its benefits for you, and the best online exam software currently available.

What is an Online Exam Software?

In simple terms, online exam software is a platform that helps you to conduct e-exams with ease from a website or app. 

best online exam software

 As a teacher or an institute, you can prepare the instructions, create questions, schedule the test for a specific date, and share the test with students of your institute. 

best online exam software

An online exam software simplifies the entire exam conducting a process for you and for all the stakeholders involved in the exam. 

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Who can benefit from Online exam software and How? 

Here are the 4 stakeholders that benefit from the online exam software– 

1. Teachers: 

Import Question in Bulk:

The questions and answers can be easily uploaded using a word or excel import into the software. 

best online exam software

Store a library of questions: 

Store unlimited questions. Maintain a repository of questions with varying difficulty levels.

best online exam software

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Schedule Tests On Specific Dates:

The software also takes care of scheduling quizzes on a specific date 

best online exam software

Assign Random Questions:

It will also assign random questions to the students to ensure that there is no cheating. 

best online exam software

Give Instant Results:

On top of it, the scores are automatically calculated thereby reducing the human errors involved in calculating the scores.

2. Institutes

Conduct Tests for Lakhs of Students

The online exam software can conduct exams for lakhs of students simultaneously (refer FAQ). This can help you to scale your business 

Conduct Multiple Mock Tests With Templates

The mock-test templates can create an actual exam environment for your students before attempting the competitive exams like CAT, NEET or IIT-JEE 

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Manage and Delegate Tasks To Your Staffs 

Can manage the workloads by creating admins and sub-admins to monitor tests online. 

Save Operational Cost Expenses

Since the software automates most of the tasks, institutes can save money on hiring costs

Grow as a brand which parents or students love 

The detailed test analytics helps institutes to build their brand rapport among students and parents. 

3. Invigilators

 Cheating is reduced drastically as the questions are random in most online exam software programs. This reduces the burden on the invigilating staff.

4. Students

Students can take the exams and get results instantly from the comfort of their homes from their own web or mobile devices. 

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What are the features you should look for in your exam software? 

Keeping the pricing point side, you should check the below features in an online exam software.

Scalability: How many students can take the exam at a time? 

Your exam software should be able to handle concurrent test-takers without crashing. For e.g. our servers have autoscaled to support 100,000+ simultaneous test takers. 

Security: How secure is the exam software? 

Exam software should minimize exam malpractices. For e.g Using Learnyst institutes can restrict the number of test attempts, and also monitor device ip’s to monitor any suspicious activity. 

Easiness: How easy is it to manage tests and learners 

Teachers should be able to create tests easily. At Learnyst, teachers use excel or word import to create questions in bulk. 

We also have a dedicated admin section that allows teachers to upload learners in bulk 

Storage: Can I have a repository of questions? 

Having a huge library of questions with varying difficulty levels makes your exam practice more streamlined for students. This is one of the many features that we offer. 

Analytics: Can I see the performance reports of my students? 

Performance reports are a must for test prep. It should give a detailed breakup of performance across sections, questions & peers.

Now that you know the essential features of an online exam software, let us review the popular exam software. 

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What are the popular online exam software programs available?

Here is a list of 5 popular online exam software programs that can help you to manage your mock exams like a pro

Popular Exam Softwares What is good What needs improvement
Learnyst Scalable: For 100,000+ concurrent test takes
Secure: Conduct mock-test securely login restrictions & device IP monitoring 
Easiness: Create courses & mock-tests in multiple languages in less than 30 min
Storage: Add unlimited questions, create question pools & learner data securely
Analytics: Get detailed test performance report of your students
Live exam proctoring features needs to be improved
TC Exam Open source exam software
Supports multiple languages 
Steep learning curve to learn the software and create exams. 
TAO Exam Software Free to use
Provides good security
Easy to assign questions to students
Allows integration with LMS platforms
Has a steep learning curve. Not beginner friendly
Kaldin Grade, build & arrange tests The UI is not easy.
Doesn’t support multiple languages

Conduct Exam
You get exam reports
Manage students certificates

Navigating via admin panel is not easy
Creating test with image is difficult


Should you opt for free online exam software or a paid one?

The answer to this question purely depends on your needs and the features you are looking for. 

Most free software offers limited features and flexibility to create tests.

On the other hand, paid online exam software constitutes a host of features that will be beneficial for your exam needs. 

If you are a large academy with hundreds of students, then it makes complete sense to opt for a paid software because free software might not support so many test-takers. 

A platform like ours can offer the best of both worlds. Working with 300+ coaching institutes, we understand your needs.

So, what are the next steps? 

At Learnyst, we help you with the entire process of course creation to marketing, creating your own branded online academy.

If you already have course content ready, signup with us and get your online academy free for 14 days.

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