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The Benefits of Conducting Online Mock Test

It’s 2017 and we have seen the online entrance tests changing the exam pattern, evaluation process, variation in cutoff marks over the years. So, to prepare for the D-day, students are more inclined towards taking the mock tests to check their preparedness and overall performance. With most of the competitive exams moving online learners are becoming more interested towards taking online mock tests. But apart from benefitting the learners, there are benefits for you, when you conduct an online mock test.

Why Online Mock Test Is Famous Among Learners?

The major number of learners who appear for the competitive exams are either employed or they are pursuing some degree. This makes it really hard for them to be available on particular dates to take the mock test. Also, it might very well be the case, that the learner is staying in a different city than your test preparation institute. Under these circumstances, it is really not possible to come to the Institute and physically take the mock test. This is when the online mock test comes to rescue.

Also if the learner is going to take his exam online, then there is no point for him/her to take a written mock exam. Because that will not be able to judge where he is standing in terms of preparedness. So, it is ideal for them to take the mock test online.

Apart from these points, there are other important factors as well that influence the learners to take an online mock test.

The Key Factors Favoring Online Mock Test

  • Immediate Feedback

When a learner is taking a mock test, it is always important for him or her to get the feedback immediately. Immediate feedback helps the learner to quickly work on their loose ends, and prepare better.

  • Unbiased Feedback

Since most of the evaluation follows an automated route, the results are often unbiased and free from human error. The unbiased feedback helps the learner to evaluate their own progress with much more efficiency.

  • Confidentiality

Confidentiality is another important factor that attracts more learners towards e-learning. In a traditional setting, many students might be reluctant when it comes to taking mock tests. The main reason can be identified as the fear of being mocked at for wrong answers or poor marks in the mock tests. But, this is not the case with online mock tests, as it maintains high confidentiality.

  • Progress Tracking

It is really easy to keep track of learners’ progress, using data sensitive analytics and performance trackers. Proper tracking of progress guides the learners better in terms of practicing and honing a certain skill.

  • Improvement Suggestions

Proper progress tracking invariably results in improved feedback. Since the teachers are well aware of the learner’s progress, it is easy for them to provide proper feedback, addressing the strong and weak points.

Final Words

Despite a huge potential, conducting online mock tests is still a largely untapped domain. This is mainly because some of the stigmas still related to e-learning and online mock tests. But in reality, in the age of technology, where we are living in a fast-changing world, online mock tests and e-learning is the new learning method that will dominate the education sector for the years to come. Check this If you have doubts on how to create mock text and Check on the Things to Keep In Mind While Creating Your Online Mock Test. If you haven’t started conducting mock tests online yet, you can start today with Forever Free Plan of Learnyst.

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