A humble thanks to all our customers – Learnyst awarded the Star Beginner and Great User Experience company by Software Suggest.

This article is to share with you our joy of completing one of the many milestones we had set for ourselves since the time we started our journey 5 years ago on September 2, 2014.

Learnyst has been awarded the Summer 2019 Star Beginner and Summer 2019 Great User Experience award from Software Suggest under the category of LMS.

Before we share, about the details of the award and what it means to us, let us share a few things you should know and how this knowledge would be beneficial to you for your business.

The Learning Management Software

By now you would have probably known that, Learnyst is a Learning Management Platform (LMS), that helps its end users to create their own secure, branded online mobile and web learning apps.

learnyst website

So, what exactly is an LMS and why people go for it?

An LMS or Learning Management Software, is basically the platform where course creators(teachers) have the necessary tools to create online courses for their students.

With a growing change in the student behavior to go online and with an easy availability of mobile devices there has been a growing demand for the creation of online courses and training programs. Keeping the long-term benefits of creating online courses in their mind, and thanks to key successful platforms like Byju’s and Toppr, a lot of educators/course-creators now want to use the LMS to create their own branded learning apps.  

Who should create an online course?

So, if you are someone with a passion to teach, someone who has a deep knowledge about a particular subject, have an idea to run a side business through teaching, then the time is just ripe for you to profit from your idea of creating a course.If you want to hear the success stories of people who have made profitable business with us, you might find these success stories to motivate you to consider the idea of starting your own online course with us.

How to Choose an LMS?

When it comes to selecting an LMS for creating their own online branded courses, educators are challenged with the below questions:

  • How good would this LMS perform? How robust is their software ?
  • Do I get mobile and web learning apps in my brand name ?
  • How secure is the platform in safeguarding your course content ?
  • Does the LMS support payment gateway integration ?
  • How scalable is this LMS? Would it scale its performance automatically when there are 1000 students as opposed to only 200 students?
  • How cost effective is this LMS platform? How much time would it take to profit after investing in it?
  • How quick or easy it is to create a course using this LMS? How simple and easy is its design?

Here is where, you might find the help of a company like Software Suggest to come in handy. Software suggest is a leading B2B software discovery and recommendation platform, that compares the various software contenders in the market and suggests the best software solution aligned to your business needs.

So, if someone is looking for an LMS, Software suggest compares the various players under this category and suggests you the perfect LMS platform as per your requirements.

Thousands of users share their genuine reviews after using the product. Based on these results, the company ranks its software and recommends them to the users.

As per the Software Suggest, the top 5 features of the best LMS players in the market are as follows:

  • User friendly Graphical User Interface – Good user interface, easy to use, search feature, branded portals, course certificates.
  • Automatic Enrolment – Users can enroll themselves in courses and get reminder alerts of courses.
  • Account Security – Security in terms of passwords and piracy.
  • Multilingual Support – LMS should set preferred language as per user preference/OS/browser.
  • Whitelabelling – Ability to create courses, webinars and live sessions.

As per its insights, a superb UI/UX and an easy to use features are among the most sought-after requirements, probably more than any other feature.

Our customer support team at Learnyst, knew this too well and had always been delivering the best in class user experience and easy to use features in our platform. Even our customers review that, they could create their courses on our platform, right from the word go.

This precisely has been the reason why Software suggest has recognized our efforts and awarded not one but two prestigious awards namely – The Great User experience 2019 and The Star Beginner awards for 2019.

So, What are these 2 awards for?

  • We have received the Great User experience award for providing the easy to use, plug and play features in our platform and for our ability to manage and solve customer experience related queries.
Great user experience awarded by softwaresuggest
  • The Star Beginner award has been given for providing the robust platform functionality we provide in the area of LMS for small and medium businesses.
star beginner awarded by softwaresuggest

So, why are we sharing you all these? And Why should you care?

We are sharing this news with you because:

  • We are happy to be recognized as one of the most promising players in the field of LMS.
  • We are happy to let you know that your faith on us has been reassured and that we would be more motivated to meet your business requirements.
  • Receiving the awards, we as a firm have leveled up to become a category influencer who can create great user experience for our customers.

Lastly, we would want you to care because we can create great products and services for your business needs at an affordable price.

We thank you all for your umpteen and relentless support. We look forward to providing better business services to you.  

PS: If you would are interested in trying out our platform, there is a 14 day free trial wherein, you can create your own online academy and access all features.

I would really be happy to see you try our features and profit from your knowledge. Here is the link to the free 14 day trial page.

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