Top business ideas for educators

Top business ideas for educators

Did you know that there are plenty of business ideas for educators that most of us are unaware of? If you are an educator by profession or on your way to becoming one then, then this post is for you. 

In today’s digital world, there are ways outside the confines of the traditional classroom where you can monetize your skills as an educator. There are thousands of educators across the country who have turned to the internet to make more money. This is higher than what they can make at a full-time teaching job.

You don’t necessarily have to stop being a full-time teacher to start doing any one of those. Start one as a side hustle and slowly get into it full-time as you start getting a reasonable return on investment. Let’s look at the best business ideas for educators, but before that let’s understand the benefits of teaching online.

Why you should take your teaching skills online?

  • There are no geographical constraints as tutors and students can be connected irrespective of where they are as long as there is an internet connection. 
  • You can save up on the money you’d otherwise be spending on transportation going back and forth from work to home. 
  • Students can take lessons whenever they please. Live classes can also be scheduled for a time that is convenient for most of the students.
  • The tools used for online teaching give you the freedom to experiment with various teaching practices and quickly make changes if something is not working. 
  • You are always in a feedback loop where students can give their honest feedback about your course. Use this to improve your course.

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Top business ideas for educators that are related to teaching

Online hobby classes

Many people want to learn new skills or a new hobby. Think about this – how many of your friends have taken up an interest in cooking or art craft in the last year? I bet you have at least 2 of them in your mind right now. The fact is that a lot more people want to learn something new and they want someone to teach them. Lack of time to go to a skill development centre is the problem. 

business ideas for educators

This is where you come in. An online hobby class will allow your students to learn at their convenience by going through the course material at their homes or on the go. As a teacher, you can make good money by teaching new hobbies without spending on infrastructure and other fixed costs. All you need is a computer, a tool to conduct classes, a camera to record videos and an internet connection.

Teacher’s Resources  

Your target audience doesn’t always have to be students; they can also be other teachers like you and educational institutes too. Syllabuses of all types need to be constantly improved and updated with the changing requirements of the market. For this, educational establishments need support and assistance. Some veteran teachers find it challenging to adapt to new technologies because they do not know how to prepare lessons and supporting course content on a computer. 

A teacher’s resource platform can provide lesson planning assistance along with tips to improve syllabuses and teaching methodologies using modern technologies. You can provide these services at a freemium, i.e., a part of your services can be free, and the rest of it has to be paid for. 

Online Library

These days, people hardly have the time to read through an entire physical book. Instead, they read everything on their laptops or tablets or smartphones. Why would they not do it when everything is available online? This is why an online library is another profitable idea that can help people read more. Such a platform will offer books from different genres and enable people to read and learn from anywhere. 

People from all over the world can open an account on the online library and make their contributions in the form of PDF files. People who actually want to buy these will have to pay. 

Business Start-up Instruction

This is an emerging education business idea. If you are an entrepreneur and have experience in mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, then consider starting this business. Only do this if you are confident enough about your competency. To ensure greater success, you can even cater to entrepreneurs in one or two specific industries. 

Entrepreneurial College

As a continuation of what is mentioned above, there are many entrepreneurs who did not receive the proper training needed to become entrepreneurs. This has resulted in many businesses shutting down and many others failing to secure funding from investors. If you believe you can equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills needed for them to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, consider starting an online entrepreneurial college.

Tutor Finder App

Along with students, parents are also on the lookout for the perfect tutor for specific subjects. Create an app or website that helps people find tutors in their locality. The only other thing you need to take care of is finding tutors and onboarding them onto your platform. Do this by creating a rich profile for each of them. Your revenue will be a commission for each successful deal a tutor closes. 

Top business ideas for educators that are not related to teaching

Educational toys 

Parents are looking for innovative educational toys for their kids to create a “learning by playing” environment, which is why this is one of the fastest-growing education business ideas. You can either come up with innovative ideas and manufacture toys yourselves or source them from wholesalers and sell them at your own rate. These toys can be in the form of books, games, electronic gadgets etc.

These toys help children develop motor, sensory and speech skills. Before getting into the business, make sure you do enough research to find out what kind of toys might work, what the competition is doing. This can help prevent entrepreneurial failure. 


This is one business you can start with no investment at all, provided you already have a computer. This work involves reading and correcting articles and other content to make them free of any errors. To make more money, you can go niche and only proofread content in your area of expertise. For starters, you can find clients on freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr

Writing for career magazines

These magazines contain in-depth information about various career paths. They are very popular among students because they lay down the optimum route of education for each career choice, including what to study, where to study, the course structure, tuition fee etc. You can start off my actively writing articles and such for these magazines, and once you’ve made a name for yourself, you can think about starting your own website around the same service.

How Learnyst can help

If you are an educator excited about making a name for yourself in the online education industry, Learnyst is the only partner you’ll ever need. Thousands of innovative courses and classes have been created and conducted using our platform. Our versatile content creation tools can help bring your ideas to life in the form of videos, audio files and other forms of content. To know more about what we can do for you, get in touch now! 

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