Step by Step Guide to Monetize your passion through online courses in 2021

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to monetize your passion through online course and be successful in doing what you like the most.

Online courses are the best way to monetize your passion in the modern world. After all, e-learning has made a mark and reached multiple milestones since its inception. Also, it has become the first choice for people who wish to start a career as a freelancer. 

To enter the world of e-learning, a passion for teaching is all that is needed. The rest is taken care of by an advanced LMS like Learnyst that offers a line-up of features and benefits to make you succeed in your endeavor. 

Now, there are multiple steps to monetize your passion through online courses. Let’s go through the steps one by one.

Steps to Monetize your Passion through online courses

Pick the course topic

You must be wondering –

  • Why pick a course topic when I already have found my passion?
  • Won’t I be directly teaching my passion?

To answer these questions, let us pick a simple example. Let us assume that your passion is painting. Now if you create an online course on painting, nobody will sign it up because painting is a vast field. There are hundreds of specializations under it such as oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolors, landscape painting, and so on. People love to get specialized on something instead of participating in something generic. This is where you need to pick a topic that you will teach as your course.

To pick the course topic, the first thing to do is make a list of all sub-topics you have in mind that fall under your passion and conduct a brainstorming session with your peers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the industry. When you have expertise in more than one topic, evaluate your level of expertise and pick the one that is in higher demand currently.


Looking for some course topics? Here is a list of the most demanding topics in 2021. 

Be Unique

Making profits out of passion is possible only when you find a business opportunity in your passion. To find that out, you have to analyze the market thoroughly. Remember – there will always be competitors. Instead of thinking of beating them, understand why they are successful in selling the same course. Follow their paths. However, in addition, add something unique to it. For example, offering a virtual reality experience to your course takers.

Create the course content

Now that you have done the analysis, it is time to get into action. This starts with writing the course content and formulating a syllabus. The purpose of creating a syllabus is to give the students an idea about the course and the major takeaways that the students get after crossing every milestone in the course.

Put yourself into your student’s shoes and understand what they would need from your course. Your passion will get converted into profits only if it proves useful to the learners. 

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Build a sales page

A sales page always comes in handy when you want to sell a course. A sales page is nothing but a landing page through which you can make the world aware of your passion. Design the sales page in the most attractive manner possible that enhances the audience’s attention and makes them buy your course instantly.

Copywriting is something that you need to consider seriously in this step. There are many freelance copywriters whom you can hire to write captivating sales copies for your online course.

There are 2 factors to consider while creating a sales page – 

  1. What do your target audience like to see?
  2. What are the problems faced by your target audience?

A landing page that answers the above two questions is the perfect landing page for your online course. 

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Set a price for your course

This is where you decide the margin you wish to receive for your course. Setting the right price for your course is very important since your entire business is dependent upon it. It is important not to charge too low or too high. Both can have adverse effects on your business and eventually hinder monetizing your passion. 

To calculate the perfect price, evaluate the topic which you have taken for teaching and analyze the competition for the topic. Also, evaluate the investments you have made and the costs you have incurred in creating the course and then fix a price accordingly.

Here is a guidebook from Learnyst on “How to Price your Online Course”.  Use this guide to know more about different pricing policies and the techniques to evaluate the correct pricing model.

Market your passion

This is the last step. After everything is ready, it is time to take the course to the audience and make them buy it. This involves a high level of strategic planning to churn out the best marketing campaigns for your course.

The first choice that comes to our mind is always social media. Social media marketing comes with a wide array of benefits. Also, you can most of your learners on different social media platforms. You can even run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and other platforms to market your course to the audience.

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About Learnyst

Now that you have seen how to monetize your passion, the next logical action to take is where to monetize your passion. The answer to this question is Learnyst. Learnyst is a powerful LMS platform that lets you create and market your online courses effortlessly. It doesn’t matter what your passion is, Learnyst can accommodate any type of course and help you monetize it effortlessly.

To get started with Learnyst, sign up for a free 14-day trial. 

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