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Test Preparation Institutes Are Migrating Online – So Should You

2017 is the year that is seeing the rise of many online test preparation institutes. If you are owning a test prep institute you should consider this too.

Hello, good fellas of world wide web. If you are a student or entrepreneur in the education sector, you might have noticed that many of the premier test preparation institutes have migrated to online platforms.  This can’t be a sheer coincidence, right? Compared to the traditional classroom settings, running an online test preparation institute presents you with many diverse options.

The question that you may now ask, is, “what made these test prep institutes go online?” To answer that, let us first tally the pros and cons of both traditional classroom method of teaching and the online teaching using LMS.

Reasons Why Online Test Preparation Is Becoming Popular

You have already experienced the traditional classroom settings, be it in your institute or some other test preparation institutes. But with the changing time, many of the premier Indian Test Preparation Institutes are migrating online. They are leveraging the technology to cut down on the cost it takes to run a traditional institute. The benefits an online test preparation institute has to offer to its learners will make you think twice if you are still running a  traditional institute. “So what are the benefits?” You may ask. From the plenty of benefits, let me sort, a short list for you.

  • Most of the competitive exams in India are going online and so it is high time that test preparation institutes should offer online tests on their website. Because anyone preparing for online test, will not likely go for traditional old school learning method.
  • Online test preparation institute allows you to reach out to more number of students in a short time frame.
  • The online test prep institutes can cut down on establishment cost as there is no physical presence of your institute and its only virtual.
  • Being a test prep institute it is important for you to create mock tests that resemble the real time tests with little to no differences in the format. But it is not easy with the traditional institute settings to create a mock test. Since it needs to best replicate the formats of online entrance tests. But online test prep institutes will only make the task easy.
  • It is easy to spread your teaching business to different parts of the country or world. You don’t need to physically open a new branch in different locations to cater to a wide number of learners.
  • Your learners can learn at their time of comfort. They do not need to balance between their other work and attending a test prep institute physically.

Though these are the main reasons behind why you should consider moving your test prep institute online, there are many other benefits of running your business online.

Choosing An LMS For Your Online Test Preparation Institute

With so many LMS providers around, it is really hard to find an LMS which best meets your needs. While there really are many LMS providers out there, Learnyst helps you in setting up your online test prep institute from the grounds up. It is really easy to launch your institute in minutes using 85% completed customizable platform online and personalized mobile apps.

With Learnyst you can get,

  • Beautifully designed landing page
  • Separate course and test creation page
  • Pre-existing formats of renowned Indian tests like CAT, GATE and International entrance tests like GMAT, GRE etc.
  • World-class student analytics
  • Business insights and marketing tips
  • Secured and encrypted content to keep your data safe from piracy
  • Different payment gateway integration
  • High-end support team

This type of learning is called blended learning.

To know more about Learnyst, click here and sign up for 14 days free trial.

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