Blended Learning

Most Influential Ideas To Optimize Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a formal education program in which teachers make use of digital and online media, if not entirely, at least in part, to deliver the content and the instructions to the students. So, along with a traditional classroom setup, even the key benefits of online teaching like control over time, place, or pace is partly witnessed by the learner in a blended learning setup.

Unlike typical one-to-one communication intended online learning setup, blended learning is a group learning experience. Activities can be scheduled online for the entire class. In addition, such setup can be given to students to learn where content is delivered to them via digital and online media termed as blended learning.

Here are the most noteworthy ideas to optimize the blended learning setup using scheduled group activities.

Noteworthy Ideas to Optimize Blended Learning

Brushing Memory

First of all, project your online content to the class to refresh memories on certain concepts/topics and then proceed with the class activities. Then, state the actual objectives of such activity to keep up students’ focus and motivation.

Arrange webinars

Arrange webinars and take on a virtual field trip that enhances collaborative learning, critical thinking, and authentic learning of the learners.

Summarising Activity

First of all, encourage learners to reflect on their learning is an activity which promotes effective learning. Ask students to prepare a paper presentation or journal as part of their assignment. Encourage the students to share their understanding of the content. Furthermore, ask them to discuss with their peers and then write a short paragraph that summarizes their learning. Also, encourage usage of graphics, etc. In case, you have a big class, and you don’t have enough time to share all their maps. Instead, ask them to upload the rest on your LMS (Learning Management System) rather than dragging the classroom session.

Create Stories on Case Studies

Share a case study and ask them to discuss their opinions in pairs or groups. Maybe ask to share with the class as a presentation. Ask them to develop an act or some presentable model based on the learning they got through the case study they did.  Ask the students to prepare a story related to the concepts covered. Ultimately, they learn how to relates to real life situations with such activities.

Peer Evaluation

Let the learners evaluate their peers. It builds a sense of ownership towards learning. They learn from each other’s strength and weaknesses. To smoothen the process you have to take care to provide proper guidelines, rules and checklists.


Build online games on the topics you taught and have a significant impact on learning

Problem Solving

Introduce an impromptu activity as a part of impactful online teaching in the class.


Throw some interesting online content in class and have an open discussion. Ask the learners to share their ideas with the entire class.

Try out these techniques and comment to tell us how it went in your blended learning setup. And also check out the Instructional Design.

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