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Online Course Marketing: Use Blog To Attract More Learners

Lately, online course marketing relies a lot on blogging sites and blogs. Because through social shares many people start talking...

You might have come across many blogs when you search for any specific queries. It can be about any tour planning or as crucial as course topics. And with the boom of different blogging sites like WordPress, blogger etc. everyone nowadays can have their own blogging sites. With different pricing plans, from free for life plans to paid plans with high-end features, the sky is the limit if you know how to effectively use a blog. You can even use blogs in online course marketing.

Using Blog for Online Course Marketing

You might be wondering how can a blog site help you in online course marketing, right? Okay, so let me tell you this secret; most of the content marketers use blog sites even though they might have a site on which they sell their content or any product for that matter. And how that matters in selling your content? It helps you catch the attention of lots of people. Today, everything is about gaining good search engine result ranking (SEO). The better the rank, the better it is for your business. But it is not always possible to make people talk about your business. Because that sounds a little too weird and forced. And this is exactly where the blog comes handy.

How Blog Helps In SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimizer) depends on how many time people mention your brand name or website name, online or on social platforms. One way to do that is to release blogs related to the specific course topic you teach online or the particular competitive exam you give classes for. The main aim of these blogs is, to be as informative as possible, to engage the target audience so that they spontaneously share your blogs with others. More the shares on social media, more the popularity you get for different search engines. Because they start considering you as the most helpful person when it comes to that particular search query. So whenever someone searches for that particular topic, chances are very high that your school name will come on top. That means you will get more traffic to your site. To maximize your chances of success, it’s crucial to understand how to start a blog effectively, ensuring your content reaches the right audience and drives traffic to your website.

Linking Your Teaching Site With Blogs Sites

It is very important to link your blog sites to your online teaching school. Because otherwise, many people might visit your blog site regularly but they might not go to your teaching platform. One way to counteract this is backlinking your teaching platform on the blogs. Backlinking will show you a linked text on the page which audiences can click to visit your website; for example, Learnyst is a backlink to our main Learnyst domain and as you click on it, it will redirect you to our main domain.

Another thing to keep in mind is, search engines optimize subdomains separately than the main domains. So if you are having a school called and a blog site called, then even if search engines optimize, it will not optimize So the best way to do that is to add a custom URL as This way along with your blog site, search engines will optimize your main domain as well.

Linking Blog Sites To Your Learnyst Subdomain

If you are hosting your online teaching website, you can link your blog sites to your landing page. In the Learnyst’s site builder menu, you can add a ‘Call To Action’ button called blog, and add the link to your blog site. So your learners can regularly check your blogs and share the useful blogs online.

Now, that you know how to market your courses with a blog, it is your time to call the shot. So try blogging to get more learners for your school. You can check out sites like wordpress, blogger etc. to create your own blogging site.

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