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Mock test and its benefit to teacher

Competitive exams are becoming tougher each year. Large number of student prefer taking mock test...pressure on teacher to create quality mock test...

Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.

– Donna J. Abernathy

In today’s competitive world, everyone is moving online. Have it be small quiz or high level exams, all are now held online. Everyone carries electronic device and prefer easy, feasible and trustworthy way to learn. To expand one’s teaching business, he/she must now use online platform. There are many advantages of using online teaching platform for launching mock tests to students. It also helps to save individuals time and effort, be it teacher or a student.

Online mock test across device - Mock test and its benefit to teacher

Benefits of Online Mock Test to Teacher

  1. Faster delivery

    Online teaching has quicker delivery cycle times than old traditional classroom-based instruction. Teacher can add online mock test anytime and it will be available to accessible to everyone in world.

  2. Lower costs

    Because of the speed and ease in which e-learning is delivered, the costs of development and learning for an organisation are drastically reduced.

  3. Question variation

    Teacher can add Multiple choice questions, Numerical and Essay types questions to quiz. Also no need to put extra effort for evaluation. Teacher can add evaluation criteria for each question, so student gets their result instantaneously.

  4. Reusing existing quiz

    Teacher can re-use existing quiz to make a new one. This saves time and effort of teacher by using existing material instead of typing again.Teacher can change questions order by dragging questions. This saves time of teacher and helps teacher to manage quiz easily.

  5. Student performance tracking

    Online teaching platform adds advantage of tracking each students learning curve. This takes away teacher effort to write or remember each student performance.

Advantages offered by Learnyst

  1. Quiz import

    Adding quiz questions is time consuming task. Especially when it is a big quiz and teacher has question in word or excel format. Online teaching platform “Learnyst” provides quiz import. Teachers can just upload the existing quiz questions in a click and their mock test will be ready.

  2. Question customisation

    Each question can be customised for different difficulty level, positive and negative marks and different tags.

  3. Add explanations

    Add explanation text, file, images, slides or video to each questions. So student don’t need to search for answer anywhere else. After student finishes the quiz, he/she can directly check the answer explanations to clarify his concepts.

  4. Add timer to quiz

    There are 2 types of quizzes. Quiz with time bound and quiz without time bounds. As per need, teacher can add or remove timer from quiz in just a click.

  5. Limiting quiz retakes

    Number of retake can be restricted so student can not give same quiz again after exceeding retake count. This restriction can be removed by teacher by just a click.

  6. Result grading

    Grading student as per performance is crucial job. This requires lots of skills and time. It is easier to implement auto-grading system by teacher on e-learning without putting much of effort. Here is the blog which tells more about grading scheme and  how efficiently to integrate grading with minimal effort.

  7. Quiz & Result scheduling

    Launching quiz within scheduled time and showing result adds more discipline to e-learning. But doing so manually consumes time of teacher. E-learning provide platform to do so with just a click. There are many advantages of quiz and result scheduling. Check the blog on how to make quiz a scheduled one

  8. Auto save test

    In case of device failure due unexpected reasons like running out of battery power, the quiz is terminated without submission. This result in student losing all the progress lowering self confidence of student. The autosave helps student to continue with same quiz may be on different device.

If you want to build or expand your online teaching business, then “Learnyst” platform helps you to do so in a minutes. Online teaching business not only gives a good scope of teaching globally and also benefits student in large scale. Know about all the features you need to manage for your online quizzes. Here goes one more of my favourite quote 😛

We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.

– Elliot Masie

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