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How to make a quiz a scheduled one?

Do you want to keep your students well in advance about the upcoming quizzes? So, How to make a quiz a scheduled one? So that it’ll be available to students on specific date and time. Similarly you can also schedule the results of these quizzes if you do not wish to give them out instantly.

First you need to create a quiz. Follow the link below to see how to create quiz.

How to make a quiz on Learnyst?

Once you are done with quiz creation you can schedule them.

Step 1: Go to Courses –> quiz’s tab –> the quiz which you have created for math equations.

created tests

Step 2 : Click on the unpublished quiz and go to Settings–> Advanced Settings –> Enable schedule quiz. Here click on Enable.  Now you can set the Start time and End time for your quiz. Uncheck the Make result Instant check box to set the result time. Save your settings after this is done.

start time end time

Step 3 : Now you can publish your quiz. You can change the settings to schedule your quiz even after publishing your quiz. Once you are done publishing click on Preview School in your admin dashboard.

preview school

Step 4 :  Your school landing page shows the scheduled quiz. Click on the quiz to view the course details.

view the course details

Step 5 :  On clicking the quiz on your website you can view the details of the quiz with its time schedule.

display schedule

This is how you make a quiz a scheduled one.

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