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WizIQ vs Learnyst- Detailed comparison of online teaching platforms

Online teachers often compare and ask how different is Learnyst from WizIQ? Let us first understand what Learnyst and WizIQ got for online teaching.

New customers coming to Learnyst often compare and ask how different is Learnyst from WizIQ? To answer this question, first let us understand what Learnyst and WizIQ have got to offer for online teaching.

About WizIQ

WizIQ offers SaaS-based Virtual Classroom software. WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom provides all the features and tools needed to simulate the face-to-face classroom experience, with real-time audiovisual communication, polling functions, video and text chatting, breakout rooms, interactive whiteboards, and screen sharing to enable peer collaboration and synchronous learning.

WizIQ has online education marketplace that offers live, instructor-led courses. Educators can list their online courses in WizIQ’s global Learning Marketplace for a service fee.
WizIQ accepts payments on behalf of educators which will be deposited in WizIQ account. Educators can withdraw money from their WizIQ account.
WizIQ provides WizIQ Android & iOS app thru which educators can teach their students.

About Learnyst

Learnyst provides branded eLearning apps on mobile and web for educators to teach online. The key offering is “your own branded apps“. Simply put, Learnyst is one stop solution for setting up your branded online teaching platform & to sell courses.

With Learnyst, you can launch your own branded Web, Android and iOS learning apps in under 15 days with no coding required. It is finely tuned online teaching platform with features like Course maker, Quiz Maker, Website builder, Learner analytics, Student learning interface, Discussion forum, Leaderboard, payment gateway integration etc.

Here are some features exclusively offered by Learnyst.

  • Branded eLearning apps on Android & iOS with features like DRM secured offline content access, Quiz Engine and Push notifications for marketing.
  • With your own Payment Gateway integration you can get course payments directly credited to your bank account. No additional transaction fees.
  • No limit on number of courses or students
  • Support for multiple content types like Videos, PDFs, PPTs, HTML lessons, Assessments & mock tests.
  • DRM based content security to prevent piracy.
  • Insightful app & learner’s analytics to help you make smarter decisions.
  • Create Online Mock Tests with easy to use word or excel uploader. Also, you can schedule tests & results, provide detailed Learner analytics & add answer explanation in the form of videos or text.
  • Standard test interface similar to competitive exams like CAT, BANK Exams, GATE, IIT JEE & GMAT.

WizIQ VS Learnyst

 Branded eLearning Solution ✘ (WizIQ branded)
 Branded Android & iOS Apps ✘ (WizIQ branded)
 Payment Gateway Integration
 Transaction Fees 0% 30%
 Unlimited Courses
 Unlimited Students
 Custom Domain Name
 Fully Customizable Website
 Course Landing Page
 Third Party Marketing Tools Integration
 Social Signup Support
 Encrypted Courses
 Offline content support
 Live Streaming ✘ (Third party tools)
 Screen Sharing ✘ (Third party tools)
 Discussion Forum
 Conduct unlimited Mock Tests
 Scheduled test
 Mathematical Equation Support
 Sell Mock Tests
 Email Campaign Builder
 Push & in-App notification support
 Course Certification
 Content Dripping
 Embedding Courses & Signup in Blogs
 Single Sign-on
 Multiple Admin
 Google Analytics Tracker

Learnyst is simple to use for launching branded eLearning apps.  All you need to do is sign up & upload your course content. That’s it, you are all set to launch your branded eLearning apps. Experience the robust online teaching platform with all the marketing tools that you need to teach online and grow.

Sign-up now for free 14 day trial – http://www.learnyst.com

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