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Why SD Card Content Delivery Is The Trending Feature in Online Teaching

Even in the time of online education many educators are seeking SD card content delivery as their secondary mean for reaching out to a larger number of students. But what exactly prompting the educators to keep this secondary option open? Obviously, that is not for no reason. Now let’s think of an imaginary situation. As Elon Musk predicted, AIs are taking over the digital and virtual world. So do you think it will be too wise to use digital means against AIs?

And just like the example, when the trending online teaching solution has its shortcoming, you need to think of something that will be free from these shortcomings. Now one way to do is flipped classroom setting, where you use both online and offline mode of teaching. But for a brick and mortar offline institution you really need to invest a fortune. But what if, you could still have your virtual classroom but use this to teach offline as well? Sounds interesting, right? Well, before I explain this further, let us talk about the shortcomings of online teaching that is prompting the educators to keep the alternatives handy.

Short Comings of Online Teaching Solution

The online teaching, despite of its long list of benefits and tremendous success, has a fare share of shortcomings.

  1. Limited Internet Connectivity: Despite the modern and advanced internet connectivity, there are still many deadzones in terms of network connectivity. Many villages and even some pocket zones within the city limits, face connectivity issues on a daily basis. And that makes online learning a huge pain in the bum for many learners. Obviously, starting to watch a video and then struggling with the buffering of the videos is not something your learners look forward to after a day of hectic work in their workplaces. As a matter of fact we received a complaint from one of our client’s learner who shared his experience with bad internet and how that is hampering his normal learning pace.
  2. The World Is Yet To Go All-Digital: Almost all of the online teaching solution that are aimed at revolutionize education, are web-enabled. But sadly a whopping 60% of the world is still offline that means that more than half the population of the world does not have access to the Internet. But the lack of internet should not keep the society from the education that it deserves.
  3. Server Maintenance: Now even if you find some means for cancelling out the first two factors, and concentrate on the community with internet access, you have some other concerns to think of as well. One of them being the maintenance of server. Being a technological output servers may have their bad day resulting in server downtime or maintenance issue. Which will mean it will hamper your content delivery over internet

How SD Card Content Delivery Helps As Alternative

Now that we know the major shortcomings of online teaching, the best bet for you to combine both offline and online teaching solutions to optimize your teaching venture. But if you are a new player of this game, or you are teaching as part of the community welfare, setting up a brick and mortar offline teaching center will consume a lot of your financial resources, and man time as well. And this is exactly where SD card content delivery comes in the picture.

You can download the required material on an SD card. Then ship it to your learners to help them study offline without depending on the internet. It is more affordable than setting up your offline institution, print all the materials and ship them. And if you are wondering about any LMS that provides offline teaching solution through SD cards, look no more. Learnyst is here with the latest addition in their teaching tools, the SD card solution

Sell Your Courses on SD Card With Learnyst

Learnyst believes in spreading all-round education to all, irrespective of their access to internet. So we have introduced offline SD card solution to help the teachers in SD card content delivery. The major benefits of SD card solution offered by Learnyst are,

  1. You don’t have to be dependent on the internet to run your online teaching venture
  2. You can expand your reach to more number of students, across all the terrains and everywhere
  3. Also, you can save a lot on your bandwidth usage, and teach effortlessly. Because with SD card content delivery you don’t need to worry about your bandwidth usage rocketing sky high

S0, while we are at it, why don’t check Learnyst out and write to us about what do you feel about SD card content delivery in the comments. visit us at Learnyst.

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