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Learnyst update: live Class

live classes from your own branded online academy, no more from third-party software to teach online, one-stop solution for teaching online.

It is been more than 2 months since lockdown is started and here is one of the biggest updates of this year. We are happy to help in transforming your offline academy into online and keep teaching at home.

This update was about release in December but due increase in request we have provided this month.

What’s new in this update?

Learnyst Live

Now no need to search or teach the live classes from third party software or tool.

Where you can take the live classes from your own branded online academy. You conduct live classes up to 1 hour with 100 students. And students can ask their doubts in the live chat sections.

Making sure that you can have seamless teaching to your students. And prepare them for upcoming exams and tests.

So that all students get there required knowledge and skill to cope up with current time.

learnyst live classes

So, what are the next steps? 

With learnyst, you can continue your teaching online and conduct assessments. If your already a user of learnyst then here are the required support articles to conduct live classes.

If your new and wanted to teach online live classes on your branded app, then you’re at the right place, click the below button to try out 14 days trail period.

You can create your own academy names, upload, each live classes, and get new students.

And you can sell your courses online from your own branded app where earnings will directly drop in your bank account.

Learnyst is one stop solution for all your online school and academy.

If you want to know how to create an online course and here are link to know How to become an online teacher?.

So, go ahead Create and Sell Courses online and makes 10X revenue within months.

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