how to become an online teacher?

How to become an online teacher?

how to become an online teacher?

You may be a newbie or an expert in the teaching sector who wants to teach online. But, don’t know how to become an online teacher.

Don’t worry here are 6 simple steps to build your career as an online teacher.

6 Steps to become an online teacher

Know your expertise

The first thing that you need to know before becoming an online teacher is to know in which area your expert. As a teacher or tutor knowing what is your strength is important, it can be in

  • K-12 sector( Maths, Science, English, etc)
  • Test prep ( GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, CAT, MAT, etc)
  • Educational ( Programming languages, Machine learning, Marketing, etc)
  • Extracurricular activities ( Sports, Arts, Music, etc).

You don’t need to have a certification to teach online. However, having one will help you in marketing and building trust among the students.

Target students

After finding out your strength, now its time to find who will be your target students will be.

Example:- If your expert at Test perp then you can’t teach GMAT for High school students.

This is where you need to decide for whom your course is, Depending on your expertise your course can be for beginners, intermediates or experts. Choosing the right students will help you in building content for your course.

Finding out problem

Ok now, we know the whom your targeting. Its time to find out the topic for your course?

To find this you need to know what are the student pain points/problems.

For eg:- If students have a problem in understanding algebra then create a course on algebra.

To find out problem students?

You can ask directly some students about there problem or Join the related student communities, social media groups, forums, related social events and Analyse what are the main problems that there are facing. And aim to solve their problem.

Creating a course plan

Now you got to know about the student’s problems and you got to know what topic you’re going to prepare for a course. The next step is creating a course plan. Here where you need to decide

  • what your course will cover?
  • what all study material(Videos, audios, Ppts, PDFs, etc) needs to be included in the course?
  • How many sections are needed?

After knowing all these steps, you can start building your course according to the plan.

Publishing of course

After creating the content of the course, you need a platform to publish the course.

There are many platforms where you can publish your course on Youtube, Udemy, and even Learnyst.

If you are new with no student base, then you can go with youtube or Udemy.

Alternatively, if you have already a good number of student base, then you can go with Learnyst. Where learnyst gives you DRM encryption that keeps your content safe, from any form of piracy.

Where you can also create your own branded web and mobile learning app.  And even link your own custom domain with your online institute.

Marketing of course

The final and the most important step is to market your course to students. Simply making the content alone will not help you become a successful online teacher. Your students also need to know about your course.

Here where you need to do a little marketing like sharing on related student communities, social media groups, forums, and related social events. With learnyst, you can use inbuilt marketing tools like SMS and push messages that help you to reach your audience easily.

These were the 6 steps you can follow to build a successful career as an online teacher. With the help of these steps, you can start your career to become an online teacher.

If you any doubt or question feel free to drop your comments below.

So, what’s next? 

With learnyst, you can boost your career as an online teacher, So what are you waiting for just create content for your course and teach online.

If you already have course contents ready, signup for 14 days free trial and get your online academy.

Lets us help you in creating your online institute.

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