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How To Create Online Tests For Students – In 5 Easy Steps

This blog talks about 5 easiest way to create online tests for students. It also talks about the essential features of an online test.

In this post, you will learn how to create online tests for students.

Adding tests makes your online courses highly engaging and useful for your students.

It gives your students an opportunity to assess their knowledge & prepare themselves for competitive exams.

An online test can also double as an effective marketing tool if you know how to use them right.

Therefore, to create online tests the right way, let us dive into the prerequisites for creating a test.

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Prerequisites for creating online tests for students

If you’re asking yourself how to create online tests for students, remember to check the below important ground rules.

Fix The End Goal Of Your Online Test

Start by asking these 2 questions:

  1. Why is my student taking this test?
  2. What will it help them accomplish?

These are just two of the many vital questions that have to be answered before you start creating the tests.

Just as a laptop for college students serve a purpose, similarly these tests also serve a purpose in identifying where your students are struggling and if they are learning anything from your course.

These tests should help you understand where your students are struggling and if they are learning anything from your course.

Fix Your Target Students

At the end of the day, an online test is a piece of content, and it has to be created for a specific audience.

Customize your mock-tests based on your student competency levels. You should know what your students want before creating your tests.

This can be done by meeting their expectations from the test. Also, avoid too much jargon as it can backfire.

Decide Your Test Types

Online tests allow you to be more creative than the standard pen and paper tests.

To ensure that users actually take and finish online tests, you can include a variety of test formats.

Decide Your Test Analytics

How will students view their test performance? Will they view the result as a percentage of marks or will they get an in-depth test analytics report.

Here are the main types of performance data that can be collected:

  • Learner Reports highlighting individual student performances
  • Topic analytics reports identifying the student’s weak subject topics
  • Comparison reports comparing student performance vs classroom
  • Subject reports that let you see how students have performed across all tests across various subjects

Features of a successful online test  

Given below are some of the most critical traits that make an online test successful. 

Questions Are Aligned With The Test Goal

The online test should complement the learning objectives you and your students are trying to achieve.

For example, if your students are using your online test to prepare themselves for the CAT exam, then your test template must replicate the CAT exam.

Mock-Test Template Replicating CAT Exam

That is, it should follow the same format, have the same number of questions, etc.  

Test Difficulty Matches With The Real Exam

Just like in the above example, if you are training students for the CAT exam, your mock test should have the same difficulty level as a real-world CAT exam.

Use Multiple Question Types

You can even use interactive features and media to keep your students interested.

For example, you can create an interactive experience out of multiple-choice questions, essay questions, numerical questions, and questions with images.

Give Honest feedback

Give students your honest feedback about their shortcomings and also suggest ways to improve themselves.

Using test analytics reports will help you break down your feedbacks neatly.

Make Error Free Questions

Collaborate with your team and check your questions for any inconsistencies and mistakes.

Collaborate With Your Team

Another way to do this is to beta launch the course to a limited number of students and get their feedback. 

Now that, we know the prerequisites for your test & the best practices, let us see how to create online tests for your students.

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How to create online tests for students?

1. Create Questions In Excel And Upload

You can start by using an excel sheet to create your questions. Then you can upload your questions on our LMS platform to start creating your online test.

2. Build a repository of Questions – Use Question Bank

Use a question bank covering a variety of topics to create your online tests easily. Make a list of all subjective & objective questions that students will have to answer.

If you choose to upload these questions on a secure online examination platform like Learnyst, these questions will be randomly selected and presented to your students.

3. Tag Your Questions Based On Topics

Depending upon your exam pattern & structure, tag your questions based on exam types, toughness, question type & so on.

4. Choose your online test maker.

There are a lot of online test makers that will help you take tests online, Choose one of them and start building.

5. Set a time limit.

Set an appropriate time limit for the questions you have set

6. Create & Publish Online Test Series

Similar to mock tests you can also create an online test series. You can upload questions from the question pool and publish your test series.

7. Publish Your Tests

Once you have created different types of test questions & uploaded the tests online go ahead and publish your tests. This way, your students will be able to securely take tests without any hassles.

Features offered by Learnyst to boost online test preparation

Flexible, scalable, web-based, and an ability to support multiple content formats for multiple learning objectives; are some of the qualities that define Learnyst.

The following features make Learnyst the go-to tool for creating online tests. 

  • Pre-built quiz templates for many competitive exams, including CAT, IIT-JEE, UPSC, etc.
  • Learnyst supports LaTeX
  • Along with texts and images, Learnyst also supports other content formats including videos, quizzes, etc., to create online tests.
  • Create differentiated question formats including essays, multiple-choice questions and fill in the blanks

So, what are the next steps? 

At Learnyst, we help you with the entire process of course creation to marketing, creating your own branded online academy.

If you already have course content ready, signup with us and get your online academy free for 14 days.

You can create your own branded online academy, upload, sell, and get 100% course sales credited to your bank account during this 14 day trial period.

So, go ahead. Create and Sell Courses online and make 10X revenue within months.

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