Course Copy Utility – Increase your business reach and revenue by creating brand new courses from your existing course contents

Course copy utilityCourse copy feature allows a course creator to create brand new courses from his existing course. This article talks about the advantages of using this feature. It also explains the business benefits the user would gain by using this new feature.

Imagine a situation wherein, you have created a wonderful course that helps class XII students learn maths, physics, chemistry and computer concepts easily. Your course has become so popular that all your students write rave reviews about it.
You start getting more requests from other XII students as well, however this time, the request is to create a course with biology instead of computers.

The problem with course modifications:

While this is a great business opportunity for you, wherein you can really profit from a big pool of class XII students (computers and biology), creating a course wasn’t a simple task previously.

In the previous version of the Learnyst platform, if a teacher had to face such a business request from the students, he/she had no option other than creating a course from scratch. Reusing or editing the parts of the content was also not possible.
Just imagine, the painstaking time for a teacher to recreate sections, add and upload the lessons all over again. This made the course creation feature a little unresponsive to changing user demands.

The solution to course modifications: course copy utility

Starting from April 2019, we have improved our platform by adding the feature called course copy. What this feature does is, it allows you to duplicate your course and lets you make all the additions or customizations you would want to do, to satisfy your customer audience.

To know more about how to upload you may want to refer our support article on course copy creation.

Benefits of using course copy utility

If you want to know how this feature will benefit you for better, here are a list of benefits you can gain by creating duplicate courses.

  • Better Security and Course Loading Speed : When you duplicate your course using the copy course option, the learnyst platform automatically encrypts your course. This has been done to keep your contents safe and to allow a faster loading time thereby allowing your students to enjoy a better user experience.
  • Uniform structure across all courses : You can use the copy course feature to create one template course that you can then duplicate whenever you are creating a new course. This works best when you use the same structure across multiple courses.
  • Use the same content types across the course: You can make certain content types to be available throughout your courses. Some of these could be – student surveys, quiz, course assignments and course feedback forms. Having them across all your courses reduces the redundancy and helps you to focus on creating the most important content for the course.
  • Creating a course for a section of your students : You can create a course to cater to a small niche group of children (eg: non performers, or someone who finds math concepts hard).
  • Wider reach, Great rewards and Less effort : The course copy feature can be used to make different flavours of the same course, each of which can be used to create more revenue for your business. Like for instance, you can use this feature to copy a course for computer students and use it it to create a course for biology students or even informatics students with less effort and time.
  • Upsell a bonus content: Upselling is an opportunity where you can sell a new version of the course at a higher price by including a bonus content with it. You can then choose to upsell that course on the original course’s landing page. This flexibility allows you to create more profit from your existing course.

If you have any doubt or questions feel free to drop your comments below.

PS: If you would are interested in trying out our platform, there is a 14 day free trial wherein, you can create your own online academy and access all features.

I would really be happy to see you try our features and profit from your knowledge. Here is the link to the free 14 day trial page.

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