Build Your Own Website Vs. Hosting On Website Builder

Why does a cuckoo lay its eggs in a crow’s nest?   The advantage of laying your eggs in somebody else’s nest is that you don’t have to take any further interest in the difficult business of rearing your offspring. Choosing between building your own website and hosting on website builder is very much like a common cuckoo bird’s parasitism strategy. You simply do not have to worry about building and maintaining your website.

If manually creating HTML and CSS code appear threatening, a simple online website builder like Learnyst Website builder might be the best for you.

Say NO to building your own website.

Time Consuming Task. 

Gaining the knowledge and learning the skills required to build a proper, standards-compliant website can take a notable amount of time. The question you need to ask yourself is, would that time be better spent focusing my attention on making money through my business instead? Time spent on your business, rather than the website, will surely yield more than this relatively modest cost.

Lacks Professional Touch.

This is a common result for do-it-yourself websites. The task begins with a great spirit and the best intentions but the finished product looks just like yet another site. You may find that your website looks disoriented, there is no consistency among the pages, photos and text don’t line up, and everything looks completely clumsy on different web browsers. Essentially, it lacks that professional touch that you would like to see. Appearance is what matter at the end of the day. Studies have shown that visitors are more likely to return to a clean and attractive website than they are to an unappealing one.

Looks Very Ordinary. 

Free templates, such as the ones that are used for weblogs can be very attractive. But you can be sure that countless other individuals and organizations will be using that template as well. If you are marketing a business through your website you will want it to be unique. What if every radio or TV commercial used the same actor, script and staging and all they did was insert a different company name into their dialogue? People would ignore the commercials completely! An effective website reflects the uniqueness of your business and is designed to appeal to your target client.

Simply Doesn’t Work Sometimes.

This is a common problem when creating your own website. Just like any professional, whether they are an electrician, accountant, or auto mechanic there are bits of wisdom that they have acquired through experience. Even the best web designers can become temporarily stumped by a tricky bit of code, but they have the professional network and skills to find a solution for it. This type of knowledge is not readily evident when you attempt something as a beginner, but the problems it can cause will definitely expose itself after the fact. This usually results in a lot of hair-pulling and frustrating experience to resolve the problem, ultimately calling in an experienced professional to fix it.

Why Host on a Website Builder?

No Coding.

With Website Builder, you’re still creating your own site, but without a more complex element of dealing with the website’s code. Our Learnyst Website Builder, comes with a drag and drop facility, a user-friendly platform that hides the backend code and lets you build your website visually right from your web browser. It provides the user with the ability to upgrade content and images very easily.

Get Most Professional Website.

With Website Builder’s pre-built templates, optimized images, SEO optimized web pages you can have the most professional and competitive website built for yourself.

The site builders come with a selection of pre-built professional templates for your website. As such, you don’t really have to think about the site design. Creating your website with the site builder is simply a matter of choosing the appearance you want to have.

They’re mostly template-based, so you generally begin by choosing a pre-designed template and then replacing the text and images to meet your needs. In this way, the layout and the design stand pretty much done for you, so you don’t have to deal with difficult decisions about placement of text and graphics.

 Saves Cost.

You can create a professional looking site with a lot of functionality without a lot of hassle. You need not have a separate IT staff to build and maintain your website.

Going the site builder route is inexpensive because these applications are typically bundled with some type of online hosting plan for one low monthly cost. Having your site hosted and built through one company simplifies the process of creating and maintaining your site since you’ll only need to access one site and contact one company to handle technical issues.

Depending on the type of website you need and the functionality you want to have, site builders range from free (these usually display ads on your site) to less than $30 per month. Updating your site is also quick and easy.

For most small businesses, a website builder is sufficient. But as your business grows, and you need a more complicated website, you might consider an option that offers you more flexibility.

Saves Time.

Learnyst website builder is a great choice if you want to have a beautiful website in very short amount of time. Also, the performance of your website would be optimized in Learnyst website builder. Check this blog on how Learnyst helps in improving your website’s page rankBoost your Website Page Rank by Hosting on Learnyst.

Learnyst has adopted a right set of website speed optimization technology that’s essential to yield maximum website performance. This contributes directly toward enhancing website performance that in turn, lead to better online sales, leads, conversions and ultimately business success. Read more about these on How Websites Can Score 90+ on Google PageSpeed Test by hosting on Learnyst?.

Help & Support.

The site builders typically provide a step by step support, that takes you through the steps of selecting a design and entering your site information. The whole process is very easy, and doable with such help and support available.

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