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6 Easy Steps To Teach Yoga Online In 2022

Want to know how to teach yoga online? You have come to the right place as we bring you a step by step guide to teach yoga.

In this blog, we will guide you on how to teach yoga online, how to set up an online yoga studio from your home and how to promote it using LMS.

Most people wrongly assume that only physical fitness is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle. But mental wellness is as important as physical exercise. Peace of mind and a concentrated focus can help you achieve success in all your endeavors.

There are certain activities like yoga that can help you gain both physical and mental wellness. It expertly forms a connection between the mental, physical, and spiritual planes of a human that makes him/her live a long and healthy life. 

The biggest challenge most yoga instructors face is reaching their students, especially in this pandemic situation. This is where a Learning Management System can help. Through its various features, you can create, manage and conduct yoga classes online.

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What is yoga?

How to teach yoga online

Let us quickly introduce Yoga before we move on to the more important parts.

Yoga is a series of fitness activities that originated in ancient India. It gained widespread popularity in western countries through various preachers who propagated our ancient philosophy. 

While many people correlate yoga with the usual physical fitness at the gym, it is a practice that connects the body and the mind through body postures, controlled breathing, and meditation.

How to teach yoga online?

With the multitude of health benefits, people started setting up yoga studios for promoting its benefits and for the welfare of the people. With the COVID pandemic and the world under lockdown, all the studios were shut down. As a result, the yoga tutors took to the online media to continue their yoga classes. 

If you are a yoga tutor, you can also set up a great studio at your home and take classes for people from the comfort of your homes. Here are the important steps to help you start your own online yoga studio – 

A Yoga teacher Teaching yoga to students onlline
Yoga teacher

Step 1: Gather your audience

The first step to starting an online course is to have an audience. You can search your audience mainly on social media by creating an advertisement for your studio.

Get a clear idea about your audience and their past medical records (in case if they have any ailments) so that you can train them accordingly.

Step 2: Interact and create a niche

Interact with your audience and find out the best method to teach them. You can also judge them on the capability to perform the yoga movements. This helps you to carve out a pattern for every individual based on his/her needs and capability.

Step 3: Create a website for your studio

With the prerequisites ready for the studio, it is time to create a website. You can create your website on your own if you have good knowledge about it or you can use the LMS for creating the website. LMS platforms like Learnyst have a feature to create websites in a few steps.

Step 4: Evaluate a pricing model

The most important thing comes at this stage – pricing. Any course needs to have a fee structure or in business terms, a pricing model. You need to evaluate and fix a price for your classes based on your time spent, investments made, and other factors.

It is common practice for yoga studios to have a package rather than an individual pricing scheme. People can choose the package they want and can start the classes. It is important to note that, while creating a package the items offered in each package should be unique and the pricing should be nominal.

These are 4 steps by which you can set up your online studio. Follow these steps and you will find yourself teaching yoga to a large community of people within a short time.

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Tips to conduct effective yoga classes

After setting up your online yoga studio, you can follow the below tips for a good teaching/learning experience.

  1. Background – have a background that is plain and elegant so that your viewers feel good. A shabby background affects the learner’s interests and might prevent him/her to be engaged with your classes.
  2. Lighting – a good yoga studio needs to have proper lighting so that the learners can see clearly and learn from you.
  3. Audio-video – the AV part is a priority requirement for any online yoga studio. The postures you explain and the way you perform needs to be clearly seen and heard by your audience. It is preferable to use a Bluetooth headset for clear audio and uninterrupted connectivity for continuous video streaming.
  4. Camera position – the final factor is positioning the camera. The camera angle should be properly set so that the learner can see fully the yoga poses and repeat them.

These are some mandatory requirements that need to be satisfied to get a good review for your studio.

Promote the benefits of yoga on your website

Yoga has numerous benefits that can help to improve the lifestyle of a person and make him live a longer life. Point the below benefits in your website to improve the number of customers to your classes.

  • Stress Buster –  Yoga is mainly known for its ability to reduce stress and promote peace of mind. Scientific studies have proved that yoga can decrease the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. 
  • Anxiety Reliever – Anxiety is one of the major causes of miseries impacting a person’s life to a great extent. Yoga is the medicine to eliminate anxiety and lead a happy life. 
  • Improved heart rate – A vast majority of people over the age of 40 are victims of a variety of heart diseases. Falling prey to such diseases can be avoided at an early stage through yoga. It improves the heart and makes the pumping of pure blood at a faster rate.
  • Helps to fight depression – One of the common trauma that many people in modern times fall prey to is depression. Yoga therapy helps people to overcome their depressed state of mind and lead a fresh life ahead and achieve success in every stage of life.
  • Increases sleep timings – A preventive step to ailments such as high blood pressure, obesity, depression, etc. is a good night of sound sleep. A half-an-hour yoga session every morning helps to focus on your work and also helps you to get a sound sleep.
  • A barrier to respiratory disorders – Pranayama or yogic breathing is a cure for respiratory disorders such as asthma, flu, and others. It is a practice that focuses on controlled breathing by holding the breath at regular intervals.

Teaching yoga with Learnyst

Now that you have understood the nuances of how to teach yoga online, it is time to know more about Learnyst. Learnyst platform is one of the most powerful LMS platforms in the online learning industry.

The variety of features and the support offered, make Learnyst the go-to platform for any kind of online training including yoga. You can use the video features, website creation tool, attendance manager, marketing tools from Learnyst to set up and promote your online yoga studio.

You can also create a live session for your learners by using the streaming feature of Learnyst. To know more about creating live classes, visit this link.

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