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Why Course Sales Pages Are Important and 7 Best Practices

Why sales pages are important? This is probably one of those frequently asked questions in the online marketplaces and this is exactly what can make or break your online classes.

Why course sales pages are important? This is probably one of those frequently asked questions by educators and teachers. This is exactly what can make or break your online course sales. Irrespective of whether you are an old-timer or a newbie in the online teaching domain, you might have come across the term, “Course Sales Page”. And when you first heard the term, you might have wondered about the importance of the page and how to create a perfect course sales page that would convert your learners like crazy. So let us answer both, today, for you.

Why Sales Pages Are Important

The name itself is self-explaining when it comes to the sales page. And it is not restricted to only online course sale, as all your favorite e-shopping sites use similar tactics to sell their products. A course sales page is the page that offers learners more insight about the course or mock test product being offered. In other words, it would be telling the learners why they should be buying this course, from your online web or mobile learning app. So this is your shot at showing the value propositions of the course being offered to your potential learners. Here are a few examples of course sales pages taken from online educational and non-educational marketplaces.

Why Sales Pages Are Important- sample sales page on udemy
A Sample Sales Page on Udemy

Now to highlight and summarize the importance of the sales page,

  1. Sales page helps you secure the sales of your online courses
  2. It helps you showcase your course offering in detail and demonstrate your expertise and authority over the subject. 
  3. Sales page provides you an opportunity to influence the learners to purchase the courses or mock tests
  4. It helps you capture your potential leads and follow up with them in future

Now that you know why you should have a perfect sales page for your courses, let’s see a few of the best practices of setting up a sales page.

Best Practices for Creating a Sales Page

You can create your sales page as many ways as you want to. But there are few industry best practices that you can follow to reduce the time to setup the page. So let’s have a quick look at the best practices that you can follow for the perfect sales page,

  1. In the domain of online teaching, it is ideal if you opt for a short sales page. Now you might be wondering what can possibly be a short sales page. A short sales page helps you to showcase your product to your potential learners without delving too much in the trivial details. A short and concise product description, good graphic elements, a clear call-to-action (CTA) button are few of the aspect of minimalistic sales page
  2. A clear headline with the course name and short description of the course or mock test you’re selling
  3. Graphical representation of course cover and use of a small promo video about the course can increase your course sales by many folds. These elements are hand down the best ways to capture the attention of your learners.
  4. A brief and concise course description is what turns the tide in your flavor. Let’s for a minute consider that we are on the product page on Amazon’s website and there is this product that matches your search. But there is no description or any details of the product. How safe would we feel to purchase the product? Similarly, a course sales page that lacks necessary information can bring your conversion rate down.
  5. Let your potential customers know the benefits that they would be ripping if they purchase the course from your online web or mobile app. Adding the benefits or an index for the courses help you secure for conversion than a blank or poorly written one
  6. Build trust, show they can count on you. If possible showcase how your previous learners have rated the course, or what they have to say about the course. Having honest learner feedback on the website helps you get more conversion than you can think of.
  7. Know your audience. This has no direct link to your sales page, but this is the key to unlock the perfect sales page. When you are catering to a specific group of learners, knowing their trends you can align the course description, images and context accordingly. Another important point that you can consider here, is reasonable pricing. Now let’s say the same course sells for INR1000/- but you are selling it for INR10000/-. For obvious reasons, the course sale will be less.

Now that you know the best practices as well, let’s see if we can achieve these using Learnyst Course Sales Page.

How to Set Up A Perfect Course Sales Page on Learnyst

Let’s first start with a few of the good course sales pages designed on Learnyst.

adding short description

A short description followed by a clear CTA. And the overview clearly sets the expectation among the potential learner about what to expect in the sales page above.

 a clear description and concise overview

A clear description, concise overview, easy to notice CTA button and reviews from past learners. These guys have it all covered in one single page

Two clear CTAs, proper description and helpful overview

Two clear CTAs, proper description and helpful overview. Aren’t those absolute requirements for your sales page?

sample page from the learnyst

Overview, Syllabus, Certificates, Effective description, Easy to spot CTA and you convert more learners than ever

So as you can see from these pages, they more or less follows the industry best practices for setting up the sales page,

  1. Short and to the point course description: You can write your own branding on Learnyst platform. Here’s how you can do that
  2. Course layout or Syllabus: Syllabus is automatically created as you create the course. So we have make your work less by one task
  3. Graphic Elements to catch the attentions: To know how you can add a promo video and a course image, click here
  4. Color contrasting and clear call to action button: We have taken care of this task as well. So you don’t have to worry about the CTA buttons
  5. Reviews from past learners: To know how to enable course review click here,

Following these steps made these online tutors successful online educators with hundreds and thousands of learners purchasing the courses and coming back for more. Having a good sales page important but also need to know Best Practices of Online Course Selling. If you have any doubt or questions feel free to drop your comments below.

If you have already read it, then what are you waiting for? Start teaching online today with Learnyst with the best ever course sales page.

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