Physical Backing Up of Your Online Content

Why Physical Backing Up of Your Online Content is Necessary?

In today’s time, everything is going digital; from shopping to learning everything can be digitalized. And in the digital era, all your data are safely stored away on cloud storage for ready access at your command. But no technology is full proof and can see a fare share of bad days. And demands you to do a physical backing up of your online content. So that in case of any untoward down time of the cloud storage you can easily get your hands on the physical copies of the content.

Also, if you are aware of the concept of flip classroom, where the online teaching and offline learning come together, you would know how important it is to have them in sync. And what can be the better way than to do a physical backing up of your online content? Right, isn’t it?

What Are The Benefits of Physical Backing Up of Your Online Content?

So let’s have a quick look at the major benefits of physical backing up of your online content,

  • It is cost effective and easy to do
  • It helps you maintain a sync between your online classes and offline classes
  • The students will not disturbed by any system downtime
  • Your content will be safe from online data piracy and content duplication (Though different encryption processes help you to secure your content like the content encryption used in Learnyst)
  • You can hand out the same content to your learners who has no internet connection

As much as online tutoring is creating the wave, you can see the best possible outcome once you combine offline teaching with it. And with physical backing up of your content you can seamlessly integrate online teaching with your offline teaching.

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