Why Personalizing Transactional Emails Are Important

Why Personalizing Transactional Emails Are Important

If you are already running your online branded teaching website on Learnyst, you know that for the actions performed by the learners, they receive different transaction emails. However, there was one major limitation till now.  Your transactional mails did not carry your brand logo and you didn’t have the option to edit transactional mail texts. With our new personalizable transactional email templates, you can add your institute logo or edit the texts as you like, to pursonalize the emails to reflect your online brand. “Why personalizing transactional emails are important for me?” You might be rightfully thinking.

So let me tell you the importance of Transactional Emails.

Why Personalizing Transactional Emails Are Important

Well, if you are new to the term Transactional Emails, here’s why it is important and why a personalized transactional email can be a game changer for your online teaching institution.

  • Personalized Transactional Email Builds Learners’ Trust

Evidently and with proven statistics of the online education industry, transactional emails helps you build the trust of the learners. When you guide your learners through all the steps of their learner lifecycle, they automatically start feeling safe. This, in turns, fosters respect, confidence and trust for you online institution.

  • Personalized Email Increase Learner Engagement

The more personalized one-on-one approach of transactional emails makes a learner feel special. The best part is that you can customise the messages with each transactional mail. This allows you as a teacher to provide relevant information to your learners at the right time. It goes without saying that such personalized messages encourages learners to reply and engage with you directly. Ultimately it helps you interact with your learners and establish long term association with your learners.

  • It Helps in Additional Sales

Once you build a good rapport with your learners it will help you to sell more products to your learners effectively. Because a guide in need, is a guide indeed 🙂

  • It Helps You Build Brand Recognition

Seeing only your online institutions name, may not make the learners remember the institution in the future. However, with frequent transactional emails with a signature brand logo, they start considering it as a brand that they can trust. And it is likely that the learner will think of your online institution when purchasing course online, later or when talking to a friend about the purchase.

So as you can see, sending personalized and branded Transactional Emails to your learners, holds a lot more value than we knew. And to help you with that we have introduced this new features.

Yes, now you can send personalized transactional emails to your learners and reach a new height in online teaching business.

If you have any doubt or question feel free to drop your comments below.

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