Why online teaching needs a blog?

A blog is a channel to reach more students who need your knowledge and are willing to pay for your course. Blogs should always form an integral part of your online teaching.

Helps in SEO

Blogs help in generating traffic to your online course. Better blogs you write the better page rank you score on google. You can build good traffic to your online course. It can attract new people towards your course. Thus selling your online course becomes easier.

Increases Visibility

When you share your blog on social media it increases the visibility of your online teaching course, leads to massive media presence online and helps the learners get familiar with our brand. Thus favoring in brand creation

Brings Business

When you publish a blog post and have a call to action link, you are actually converting the blog readers to leads. When they sign up to your course and take a look they can easily enroll.

Potential Learners

Another important reason to have a blog page to your online teaching is, it is a medium of direct communication with your potential learners. They got to see your blog because they are interested in that topic. Hence there is more probability that they enroll for your course to gain further knowledge on the topic. It is a way to expand your audience with people around the world. Also,

Gain Expertise

Your blog lets you create your professional image. With the blog post, people look at you as an expert in the subject. Having considerable knowledge related to the topic and hence increases the trust factor. Online teaching doesn’t go wasted at all when you take advantage of the blog medium. You derive the best advantage of the influences and impact the blog page can create to your online teaching.

Improvise with Feedback and Comments

Comments and feedbacks on blogs given by the readers can only improve you for better. You will know their expectations, their thought process and hence you can connecting to their ideologies directly.

Share your story

We all learn from mistakes. When you share your story through blogs it helps you get that confidence and when commented you get a chance to improve and correct yourself. It strengthens your potential. So always feel free to share your story. Blogs are the best channels to do so.

Good blog posts will establish you as Authority in the courses you are teaching and creates various channels of communication which helps in selling courses.

Which Blog Software To Use?

WordPress blog and the hosting platforms like flywheel and  WPEngine and also some of the awesome plugin tools you can make use of.  WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool. But it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

Its themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website and they can be installed without altering the content or health of the site.

With WPEngine, you can build your hosting platform on the WordPress, and set up on the content management system. The Flywheel is the kind of host you wouldn’t want to change. They are perfect for bloggers, agencies, and small business.

Link Your Blog To Your Online Teaching Website

With Learnyst, you can link your online teaching website to your blog sites or help doc etc. To do this login to Learnyst and from admin dashboard go to website builder and Click on More button.

Move to the External Links and add Link name to display in the navbar and give URL link to redirect if clicked on it.

On clicking external links you will see three options. Enter the external links of your choice and click on Save. You can add a maximum of three external links to your schools. for example blog.yourschool.com, help.yourschool.com etc

Get started teaching online with Learnyst and experience the technology at its best, that has all that it takes to reach the entire World.

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