Why online academies need online teaching software?

online teaching software
online teaching software

Baskar runs an online coaching center to prepare students for competitive exams like GMAT and CAT. In the initial days, he used a simple video hosting platform to conduct his classes. He was highly knowledgeable in his subject and all his students loved his classes. But over time, the results of his classes slowly started deteriorating. When he started researching the reason for this, he was shocked to find out that most of his students lost interest in the lessons within a few minutes of starting the classes. There were no assessments, no interesting animations, and most importantly it was not possible to attend the classes through their preferred device – a smartphone. All these meant a lack of interest in the courses for the students. 

Soon Baskar found out a simple solution – an online learning software. This helped in reviving back his business due to its multiple features that increased the engagement amongst his students. Online teaching software (popularly known as a Learning Management System) has been helping teachers like Baskar in running classes with ease, which directly improved their income. This is even proved by a study that predicts the LMS market to reach around $38.1 billion by the next decade. 

But why do you need online teaching software? How did it help teachers like Baskar? What benefits does it offer? Let us find out in this blog.

Why do you need online teaching software for your academy?

Online teaching software is a tool to create and monitor classes. It helps to host live classroom sessions, assign homework, conduct exams, and assess student progress. Online teaching software even uses analytical data to report learning gaps to help you focus on students who are lagging. Here are some reasons why you need online teaching software for your academy –

 ➣ Create and manage courses

Online teaching software can be used to create engaging courses with minimal effort and resources. You can add text, images, and video animations to make the content more attractive and understandable. You also have the complete control to manage the different content that a student can access on any given day.

 ➣ Online assessment

You can conduct online tests and examinations with the help of online teaching software. It provides options to conduct tests with multiple-choice questions, yes/no type questions, or even text entry questions to make the quiz interesting. The software can automatically assess the answers and display the results in realtime to the students. 

 ➣ User feedback

Students’ feedback is arguably the most important factor that determines your long term success. An online teaching software helps you to capture the feedback of the students after every session which in turn can help you to improve the course content.

 ➣ Highly secure 

Another advantage of online teaching software is that it offers excellent security to your courses. Platforms like Learnyst use DRM, a high-level encryption standard that can secure your online courses from being plagiarised. Content thievery is very common these days. If you do not use a secure platform to store your courses, your courses will end up getting posted on other websites without giving any credit to you. All your hard work in creating the courses goes waste.

 ➣ Social Learning

Most students love to share their thoughts, questions, and answers about a subject on social media. This enables them to have a better perspective on the subject as they can interact with their peers and experts, who can help them to grow faster. Interestingly, many modern online teaching software has brought social media right inside their platform. Yes, you heard it right. Your students get their own social feed where they can see what others are learning, discussing, and have completed, all within the platform.

 ➣ Easy Course Authoring

There are online teaching software programs that are SCORM-compliant. SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It is a set of standards and technical specifications that enable e-learning course creators to create and transfer courses with ease between two compliant tools. Even data such as scores, test results, other analytics data can be transferred.

As we have seen so far, online teaching software, thanks to its many functionalities, has been able to tackle many of the issues faced by teachers previously. It has made various processes like creation, administration, documentation, tracking of courses, come under one roof. All you need is a login id and a password to manage these tasks anytime, anywhere. 

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How to choose the right online teaching software for your academy?

Now that you have seen why should you opt for online teaching software, the next step is to choose the right one for your academy. But there are hundreds of online teaching software programs available in the market that have multiple features and come at different prices. It becomes a difficult task to choose one.  We have compiled some tips here that might help you to choose the right one if you can’t decide based on just the price and the features – 

  1. Have a clear set of objectives for your course based on the needs of your students. Your objective should define what your course can offer, how it can help your students, and for how long will it last. Filter out those teaching software programs that don’t match your objective.
  2. Evaluate your skillset on the subject of your course and how much external help would you require. If you need help, then go for software that has an elaborate content library and templates that can help you with the course authoring process.
  3. Interact with people in the e-learning industry and get feedback from them about what tool they are using.  Find out the features that they love about the tool and if it is relevant to your requirements, then choose that tool.
  4. The teaching software should be device-independent and should be able to run on any device. Your students could be using any device on the planet. An incompatible device could lead to a loss of a customer for your academy.
  5. Go for a trial version of the program before purchasing it. Create a sample course and check the performance before purchasing it.

Why Learnyst is the best option for your online academy?

Leanryst can be a one-stop solution for your course creation needs. It has a user-friendly interface that makes the entire course authoring process a simple task. Apart from this, here are the core features offered by Learnyst –

  • Responsive website
  • SEO optimized pages
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Mock tests
  • Analytics
  • DRM encrypted courses

To know more about Learnyst and how it can help your online academy, sign up today for a free 14 day trial period.

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