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What is the Learning Management System(LMS)?

What is LMS? Learning Management System(LMS) is a software or web-based platform that assists educators in building and managing the eLearning platform.

Are you into the eLearning platform or Looking to move from traditional to online training? And, want to know about what is LMS(Learning Management System)? For whom it is and features of LMS. Here is the article is for you.

what is LMS?

What is the Learning Management System(LMS)?

Learning Management System(LMS) is a software or web-based platform that assists educators in building and managing the online training or eLearning platform which contains courses, quizzes, and other training materials.

Role of LMS

Here are the main roles of Learning management system:-

  • Providing learning materials like Courses, PDFs, videos or audio, etc or knowledge to the learner.
  • Managing the learner’s Performance and Engagement based on that educators can update courses, quizzes, and other content.
  • A system that automates the results and grades which helps to keep track of learner’s performance.

For whom it is

Educational institutes

Whereas Educational institutes like schools, colleges or private institutes can use a Learning management system to manage the student’s performances and providing required learning materials. Where LMS is also used to track student performance and helps educators to improve the content of course.


LMS for large enterprises can use for training employees or onboarding them. Where it can be used globally, where employees from any place can be trained. For small and medium-sized enterprises needed fewer human resources to create or manage Traning through the learning management system.

Independent Educators

Teachers, freelancers or artists who are interested in teaching online can use the Learning management system to engage and manage with learners. It also helps them to build and manage the content for courses or quiz.

Benefits of LMS

Cost reduction

Whereas compared to the traditional way of managing or tracking of results required more human resources which increases cost. Even the cost of traveling, training materials, maintenance will be decreased by using the LMS.


No need for hiring more human resources for tracking learner’s performance. Where Learning management system will take care of tracking the learner’s performance and grading. learnyst Automation will also manage learner enrollment and performance statistics.

Time saver

Where there will no wasting of time on manual correction and checking on performance. Where things will be managed by learnyst automation. learners can log in any platform and access from anywhere with having internet.

Reuse of training material

Whereas educators can reuse the course material like PDF, ppts, videos, and other training materials. Even they can upgrade courses based on learner feedback and performance.

reports and analytics

Learnyst automation will track learner’s performance. And create reports and analysis within no time unlike traditional. It will save the data in the database and provides it when it is required.

I hope by now you have understood what is LMS? and its benefits. If you still have any doubts just shoot a mail or comment down below.

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