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Why Is It Good To Use Leaderboard in Test Preparation

Leaderboard gives your learners the competitive edge over others. There are many reasons as why you should consider using leaderboard in test preparation

A leaderboard is an age old tool used by many as a display board of the names of the leading scorers in a competition. Even in the present time, you can see many competitions using leaderboards at many places. Online quiz forum, or multiplayer games and every other place where you can think of, use this. Leaderboard in test preparation seemingly only carries the names of the high scorers and their scores. But it has a big positive impact on other competitors. Since all the competitors can see not only the name but also the present score of the high scorer, this motivates them to achieve a better score and make it to the leaderboard.

How Your Learners Are Benefitted By Leaderboard in Test Preparation

“But how leaderboard fits in the idea of test preparation institutes?”

Test preparation is not only about preparing for the vital competitive exams with the main intention of scoring maximum marks. The whole competition is about securing a better rank than everyone else. Now, we haven’t seen a doctor who read only theory books and went straight inside an operation theater, to operate on the patient. You haven’t, right? Because without practical and real life setting knowledge loses its true value.

Now leaderboard gives your learners just that. They can see the leaderboard and the performance of other learners compared to his/her own. And this will, in turn, grow the competitive mentality in them.

Enable Leaderboard on Learnyst Platform

We at Learnyst has realized the importance of having a leaderboard for every teacher. So to give you the competitive edge over other test prep institutions we have introduced leaderboard on our platform. This leaderboard with instantly synced data is available to all the learners once they complete taking a mock test.

To use the leaderboard, visit Learnyst and bring out the competition among your learners by inspiring them to make it to the leaderboard.

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