Trouble-Free Online Quizzes With Instant Save

According to a study made by  the Distance Education Research and Application Center, Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey, one of the major problems encountered by Distance Education Students taking online quizzes  was

  • Internet Connection Problem while submitting the answers of the test
  • Problem arising from the “Save without Submit” function
  • Power cut!

With above problems, taking up online quizzes leads to chaos among students. Even save without submit feature doesn’t come handy many times.

Online quizzes are the most popular process for assessing distance education students online and also for people taking up online courses for various kind of skill development and competitive exam preparations. Intended to save papers, low cost, helping learning process an anytime anywhere affair, at the same time has its own  set of disadvantages.

Learnyst Instant save release allows students to auto save their answers. As and when the student enters answers to the question they get saved. If internet connection is down student taking up test need not worry about loosing his answers.


Two options will be given to the student whenever he retakes the test. Whether he wants to continue the online quiz after the internet connection is retained or start the fresh one again.


Student answers will be restored or cleared and fresh test can be started based on student’s choice.


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