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This Independence Day, Start Teaching Independently With Learnyst

This independent day is your time to take your first step towards teaching independently and teach from your branded website and mobile app

Motivation, creativity, and freedom are three pillars of success that sustain any new ventures. And if you are planning for teaching independently then your ed-venture needs a serious dose of freedom to make you a successful teacher. And this 15th of August, while you celebrate 70th Independence Day of India, why don’t you break free from the comfort of creating MOOC for other institutes and start your own ed-venture?

Now you must be wondering about the risk associated with teaching online, right? A wise man once told me that, the life we dream of having is always just a risk away. All you have to do is take a leap of faith, and you will see the wonder of it all. Now that’s little too much of philosophy. But a start up of your own involves money to sustain the business and a foreseeable future that tells you that the risk is worth taking. So to give you a little idea,

As of 2017, the key information about the online test preparation sector are,

  • The estimated worth of online test prep as of 2017-18 is INR 40bn
  • The increase of net worth in last half a decade is 20%
  • Online test preparation is seeing an all time high demand

And these market trend is influenced by several factors. As per the Market experts, these factors will not only stay, they will grow stronger with every passing year. These factors include,

  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Affordability

And combine these with the emerging trends like,

  • Online Competitive Exams
  • Easy access to the internet and smartphones
  • Development of interactive study material

The future of online test preparation in Indian education is sector is brighter than ever. It is estimated that by 2021 the net worth of the online test prep sector will reach a whopping INR 70,200cr with the total number of learners crossing a massive 18mn. (You can read more about it here)

And these future scenario has driven many test prep institutions out of the conventional teaching set up and to set up their own online institutions.

Now you must be thinking that running a test prep institution is a game for bigger players or so you have been made to think. The bigger test prep institutes have been running open online courses (MOOC) to introduce blended learning. While many of the course contributors are subject teachers who are contributing the contents for the test prep institutions, most of the time they are getting little to no recognition for their hard work and dedication.

So this independence day, come, break free from underselling your course content and start selling from your own branded website and mobile app. Because if you can create one amazing course content, then you can create much more. And to rephrase one famous saying, “If you are good at something, don’t undersell it”

Let us take a quick look at the downside of selling your course content on MOOC platform,

  • There is little to no interaction with your learners. So it is actually hard to get feedback from them or give them a constructive feedback.
  • Grading your learners to evaluate their performance is again out of the context.
  • The above two points are the clear indication of how minimum learner engagement takes place in MOOC.
  • MOOC also sees a higher number of learner drop out, as they keep juggling with more than one subject.
  • Since it is an open course, you have little to no claim of Intellectual property and also selling courses as MOOC means less per course revenue.
  • The course creator gets little to no recognition for their effort and hard work.

Now on the other hand being an edu-preneurs has its own perks.

  • You are in charge of your own teaching business.
  • You get to select your colleague
  • Direct and faster learner engagement
  • Follow your passion, in your own terms
  • Generate more revenue
  • And more over you can contribute more to the society and make it a better place

Teaching Independently with Learnyst

Learnyst is a technology provider that aims at helping the teachers in teaching independently to start teaching online with all the required tools that one need to run their online teaching business seamlessly. Learnyst has helped 2000+ teachers in teaching independently to start their own teaching brand and earn at-least 10x revenue on their course sells.

The key highlights of Learnyst platform is,

  • Variety of content format support
  • Integration of other tools to maximize the effort
  • Home grown learner analytics helps you track the learner activity
  • Best in class test report for mock tests to grade your learners better
  • Home grown business analytics helps you track your business effectively
  • Inbuilt communication system like transaction email, newsfeed, push notification to help you engage your learners effectively
  • Complete white labeling provides you a branded solution like no one else
  • Integration of various payment gateway that will help you get the 100% of the course sells amount deposited to your bank account
  • Just like MOOC there is no upper limit on the number of learners that can enroll to your course

last but not least be a part of Let’s Teach India, Together With Learnyst.

So what are you waiting for?

Come, join Learnyst and enjoy the freedom of running your own test prep institution.

Come, break free from underselling your content as part of MOOC

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