Teach stock market online

Teach stock market online: A handbook

Want to know how to teach stock market online? Here is a quick handbook for you…..

Stock market, shares, trading, NSE, BSE……These terms have become household names in the last few years. They gained even more prominence after the release of the popular web series Scam 1992 depicting the story of Harshad Mehta.

The legendary investor Warren Buffett once said – “Investment is the process of laying out money now to receive more money in the future”. He cannot be more right. Investment has always been a dream for every earning individual. It helps him/her to meet his daily demands at a later stage in life. 

Investing in the stock market has become a raging trend in recent times. However, very few have the proper knowledge to invest wisely. The others do not receive the guidance to invest effectively. 

This skill gap can be utilized by a budding online tutor like you. You can teach stock market online to these new investors and help them secure their future. All that you need is a good Learning Management System that can help you to create and market your courses. 

Let’s now find out everything you need to know about how to teach stock market online.

Why teach stock market online?

Before venturing into teaching about the stock market to individuals, you should first know its benefits. This could help you better understand the significance of your course and how it impacts your learners. Here are the benefits of teaching stock market online – 

To reduce fear of investing

Many people have a fear of investing that they will end up in huge losses. Fear has always been a plaguing issue in stock markets due to its volatility. But this is just a myth. When you invest in the right shares, the chances of profits are way higher than losses. Unfortunately, only 3.7% of the entire population invest in equity shares. Through a course on the stock market, you can help alleviate these fears and get people to start investing.

To help people with a secondary source of income

A large chunk of the Indian population is from the middle class. For them, a secondary income can serve as an important tool to manage emergency expenses. Investing in the stock market certainly falls under a secondary source of income due to its high returns. But a wrong move can lead to losses. This is where an online stock market course can help as it helps to prevent losses and sustain the secondary source of income for people.

To generate high profits for yourself

The stock market has always seen an upward growth over the years with an occasional downfall once a while. This has led to its immense popularity among people who are always on the lookout for learning more about it. As a teacher, you can use this popularity of investing in stock market to create an online course and attract a large audience. You will be assured of great profits within a short span.

To secure the future of people

It is difficult for most people to be far-sighted and plan their future. Investing in the stock market can help plan their later stages of life. You can make people understand the importance of investing in a share market through your online course and secure their future.

How to teach stock market online?

Now that you have an idea of why to teach stock market online, it’s time to understand the ‘how’ part of it. Here are the different steps to create the perfect course on stock market –

Start with the basics

Stock market involves a lot of terminologies. It can often get complex if your students don’t know the basics. So ensure that your students get a firm hold of basic terms such as shares, asset, trading, NIFTY, SENSEX etc. right in the beginning. Don’t ignore them thinking that they are too basic for learners. Learners can be from multiple backgrounds with different levels of knowledge. Cater to all of them.

Talk about the benefits of investing in the stock market

Many people might be interested in investing but do not understand the benefits or might be afraid of the risks. So it is your responsibility to make them understand the benefits and returns that they get by investing in the stock market. Your job doesn’t end with teaching them about the basics of the stock market. It is also your responsibility to get them to invest.

Suggest books & magazines

The concepts of the stock market are so vast that they can never be taught through an online course. Luckily, there is a wealth of information available from various sources for those students who are keen to learn more. Many financial management books written by renowned authors offer a plethora of information related to stock market investment. Get them to read these books. Some of the must-read books include –

  1. One Up On Wall Street – Peter Lynch
  2. The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham
  3. Stocks to Riches – Parag Parikh
  4. How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market – Prasenjit Paul
  5. Investing in India – Rahul Sarogi

Making your learners read these books can help them get a holistic knowledge about stock markets.


Stock markets are ever-evolving; it needs thorough analysis on a continuous basis. As a tutor it is your responsibility to analyze stock markets regularly as it can help you predict market growth. You can then translate this knowledge to your learners through your course. Also make them read about stock markets in the newspapers regularly and discuss them in your class. 


DIY activities are the best way to put theories into practice. They yield better results and make your students understand the concepts of stock markets in a better way. Get them to invest and track their stocks in real-time. You can even conduct short role-plays in between classes to understand the role of stockbrokers and stock exchanges. 

Update your course

Similar to digital marketing, stock market courses are also dynamic. The regulations around it keep changing regularly. Your course needs to be updated according to the latest regulations so that the learners do not end up learning outdated concepts. 


The final step is pricing your course. Pricing plays a major role in your course popularity and it is the deciding factor for your success. Price your course by evaluating the time and effort you have put into creating the course and the expected profit.

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Gomathi Shankar’s Online Stock Market Academy

Teach stock market online

The owner of Scalper’s Trading Academy, Gomathi Shankar is a partner of Learnyst. He has been the recipient of various honors related to the stock market and has conducted sessions in top financial institutes of the country. He has also been ranked number 1 stock market mentor by UrbanPro.

Shankar was in the search of a homegrown LMS platform to conduct his classes and spread his knowledge. He was already using a popular LMS platform but wanted a change as it was not meeting his needs well. That’s when he teamed up with Learnyst to build his own online stock market course and host regular webinars for students. These are his words –

“The young and energetic team at Learnyst helped and supported me to take my courses to a wide audience. It multiplied my revenue 50x. The best part of Learnyst is that everything is so user-friendly.”

In his course, Gomathi Shankar teaches A-Z about the stock market starting from the basics to more advanced topics. His program curriculum includes basic terminologies in the stock market, analysis, technical indicators, and also risk management.

The courses are also available in multiple languages to cater to different types of audience. There are many students who have benefitted from Scalpers Trading Academy and have pursued a career in stock market trading. 

What’s Next?

Create your own stock market course and become the next Gomathi Shankar using Learnyst.

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