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Learnyst new update Web 3.0

At the start of this new financial year, we give you a new update to make your online institute friendlier and seamless to use. Something, that your students will love to use and learn – the new updated Web 3.0.

Introducing Web 3.0 

For those ambitious online teachers and the wannabe teachers, we have in store, some eye-catchy designs, themes, and updates that make your online school/Institute visually attractive and more student-friendly.

Create your online institute customized with the colors and fonts you always wanted with the new-Web 3.0.

Your academy will be smooth user friendly and visually appealing to your students. Let’s find out what we have in store for you.

Your course, your brand 

Create your online institute with your domain name. With simple steps, you can build your own online institute/school.

Your branded website on your domain

Teach online from your branded android and ios app. Let students learn their favorite courses from your branded learning app.

Your branded andriod and ios app

Have an institute or academy? Talk to us and we will build your academy into your online branded learning app as you wish. To get started, signup for free.

Your design

We have updated the design in such a way that, there will be no difficulty for students to navigate through the courses/ tests in the store.

The universal search bar on top allows them to search for any courses no matter where it is.

Teach online with Learnyst Web 3.0 o your own design

Custom Store Template 

Store List (white)

Store List (white)

Store Grid (dark) – Premium Plan Feature

The dark theme is our premium feature and is currently available only in the premium plans.

Store Grid (dark) - Premium Plan Feature

For those who like a dark theme, please contact our sales team. Alternatively, signup for free and get started.

Test Template 

Practise Quiz

Our latest practice quiz opens in the same window as your lessons, giving your students a much better lesson context.

 Practise Quiz

Once the test is taken, the student can automatically choose the next lesson.

Mock Test

A stark contrast to the practice quiz, the new mock test feature comes with the latest test templates and gives the student a real-world experience of mock tests.

Mock Test

When a student clicks the take test, it opens in a new window just like how competitive exams work. Once the test is complete, the student can view his results from his test report

analytics for test results

Now, you can give the best test prep environment for your students.

Your colors/themes

Make themified online academy with the choice of different themes and customized colors. Your style of colors makes your website look cooler.

By default, the dark blue color is what you get. It’s super cool and really attractive and works for any courses or tests

Your colors/themes

But hey, what if you are a professional teaching cooking? Or an expert in the fashion industry? Well, we got themes for you. Actually, we have got 4 themes.

  • Fashion School Theme- Shrine
  • Studio School Theme – Green
  • Cooking School Theme – Basil
  • Dark Theme – Logic Fox (Only available on premium plans)

Your language 

Create your online academy in any language that you wish. With Web 3.0 update, you can add different languages ranging from regional to international language.

Customized language

Expand beyond English speaking students. Accommodate any student who has the interest to learn.

Check out our example online language academies below:

Responsive design

With the growing technology, students are using different devices with different sizes of screens. Web 3.0 has a mobile-first responsive design, giving your online institute/school the ability to adjust across any device or screens.

responsive website feature in web 3.0

Now your students will study from anywhere on any device at any time.

Fully secure

Learnyst is not just a platform where you publish courses or tests for your students. We also provide a secure place to keep your content safe. Here we provide you:

  • DRM based world-class security
  • Anti Piracy features
  • Screen capture restriction with Watermarking

We understand when they say “Content is the King!” We assure you that your content is entirely secured and completely owned by you.

Other features

Here are some other features which are available in this update. These features are available for free with the latest WEB 3.0.

  • Secured Videos | PDF | SCORM
  • Quizzes with all question types
  • Test report for in-depth analysis
  • Improved Newsfeed
  • GATE | CAT |  GMAT | UPSC | IIT JEE Mock Templates (Coming soon)
  • Discussions 
  • Bookmarks
  • Certificates

This is just the beginning of the many other features in WEB 3.0 that will unveil itself in the near future.

Explore Web 3.0 and comment below, the feature that you liked the most. Also, let us know the feature you would like to see in the next update?

Why Learnyst?

Still, pondering on why choose Learnyst for your online institute/school? Here are a few facts about us:

  • Learnyst is trusted by 400+ instructors to teach online and launch their online academy from all over the world.
  • Our educators have earned nearly INR 350+ crores from their branded web and mobile academies. We have seen educators gaining nearly 10X returns within a few months of using the platform.
  • As of today, 25,000+ courses have been launched by our educators, with 25+ lacs students using branded apps powered by Learnyst.

So what are you waiting for? just start exploring Web 3.0 With learnyst.

If you have course content is ready, then you are all set to teach online and launch your courses. To get started, signup on Learnyst and get your online academy for free.

So, go ahead. Create and Sell Courses online and make 20X revenue within months.

For more updates check on Learnyst Updates.

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Vaishak S is a Content Architect at Learnyst. He creates content to help hundreds of Educators to create and sell their online courses. He has 3+ years of experience working in the E-Learning industry.

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