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Teach Online What Learners Want – Ideas Based On Quora

Helps you decide what to teach online.List of most online course topics most asked for.

Topics suggestion to teach online are based on Quora

Our family friend from Delhi visited us. He told about his 5 years old nephew who never accepts a cash gift. Whenever the little one is given money as a gift he says “Buy me something for it right now”. He knows cash simply goes into mommy’s purse or daddy’s wallet. Clever chap knew what he wants.

It really doesn’t matter what you want to give. Give them what THEY want. Know what people are really looking for. If you want to teach online, create an online course for which people look up to learn.

According to Quora stats, people looking for online courses are mostly interested in below topics…

quora stats blog

Music – 4.5 m

Music is eternal. Music learners are keen to learn music online. Because they can get access to best singers and get taught by them. Music is in different styles in different regions of the world. If an Asian wants to learn western music he or she can get best teachers online rather than at their home town.

So try teaching online, music and musical instruments, to get sure learners.

Cooking – 3.1m

Lot of foodies around the world love to learn and try out new recipes of various cuisines. If you also have a thing for cooking just keep making your videos whenever you try a new dish. You can finally upload them on to online teaching platforms like Learnyst and your courses could go viral. Create some amazing cooking videos and upload them and start to teach online.  You can check Learnyst blog for more tips on creating videos for your courses online – Top 6 authoring tools to create amazing videos 

 Photography – 2.8m

Almost everyone of us love taking pictures. Be it of nature or  a selfie. There are techniques to take each and every snap. If you have a thing for photography and if you think you can pass on those tricks n techniques to others then just try teaching online on how to capture those breathtaking snaps.

Fashion – 2.2m

When we talk about Fashion industry it comprises of all. Clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing, or furniture. Every season fashion keeps changing and it is different in each geographical part of the world. A lot of fashion enthusiasts seek fashion lessons and try to explore new things in fashion. If you can design your online courses to reach out such fashion freaks, I am sure you have caught the right wind.

Mathematics – 2.2m

One in every two students find maths difficult. A lot of students look for good math courses and want to take up math quizzes online so that they can master it. Only classroom sessions are not enough. Please help out those like me by creating math online courses and teach online. We would dive in to your course and sweat out in order to master it.

English Language   – 0.5m

I’m sure many of you agree with me that in India, major percentage of people, when someone speaks in English, consider them “Modern” else no good than an Illiterate. So “English” is definitely an all time buzz word here. If you can teach English in most simple way and fastest way then you have all of them in your course in bet. English language, grammar, spoken English and English communication skills is one of the best topics to teach online.

Competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, IIT-JEE, GATE, NET etc – 300k

Best part is many want to take up online courses now a days for instead of going for classroom coaching. There was a trend before that all college goers used to go to classes in the evening. But now trends have changed. Lot if students question in Quora asking for best online courses to prepare for these competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, IIT-JEE, GATE, NET etc., There are a lot more exams like banking, architecture entrance etc. This topic is really vast.

Check these blogs for more information on how to create courses for these exams with custom settings made for these exams on Learnsyt.

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Programming –  238.7k users

This is the area where not only students but an ocean full of  IT professionals lookup for their skill development. Lot of technical skill training required for them and exclusively online because they have to work while they learn and they naturally cannot attend any training programs in institutes because of time constraints.

So basically you can target on corporate training online courses with skills that most working professionals seek.  Checking this blog on corporate training might help you more.

Corporate Training School – Features on Learnyst Quiz Maker to boost your employee’s productivity

Yoga – 135 k

Though Yoga dates back to pre-Vedic Indian traditions originated as a spiritual practice in India, Yoga gurus from India later introduced yoga to the west. Yoga now a days are used to alleviate health problems, reduce stress unlike it’s origin as a spiritual practice. Yoga is also used as a complete exercise program and physical therapy routine.

Hence it has been popular and a lot of people across the globe want to learn and practice it hence an teaching yoga online can bring in a lot of learners undoubtedly.

Dance – 124k

Rejoicing it is! Year after year young talents sprouting across the globe and they have no boundaries to learn the dances. So many dance forms and not all forms are found in your local dance institutes. Best way to seek your favorite dance form is through online. A lot of aspirants search for good dancers and dance teachers to learn dance. If you are one, make use of the opportunity.

Diet and weight loss – 183.9k

Not everyone would have patience to wait for results that come with Yoga! They want instant and quick results. Lol! Diet and Weight loss related courses are in demand world wide. Everyone wants to look slim and trim. But be sure that those foodies who enroll to cooking courses might be least bothered about this section. Lol. But these courses will have young and old, male and female, all kind of audience range ready to do whatever it takes  to get themselves back in shape! So if you teach online some of these weight loss techniques or how to balance the diet then I bet it is a major hit.

Are you still thinking …why teach online?

There is no better reason than those aspirants looking for these courses online everyday.

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