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Teach Online – Double learners flow through email blaster in 4 weeks

If you are done with creating courses and mock-tests, Then start getting more students through learnyst E-Mail blast feature.

Are you done creating your school? Done with building courses and mock tests? Now thinking what next? How to reach more users and make them enroll to your courses? The optimized way is to use email blasters. Email blaster will allow you to send bulk promotional emails to your students which works effectively as your marketing agent.

Step 1: To enable email blaster option, login to and go to Settings in Admin dashboard. Click on Mail tab where you see Enable button.

enable email blaster
go to Settings in Admin dashboard.

Step 2: Once you click on Enable button a request to enable the email blaster is sent. Enabling this will be done in next 24 hours time. You will be sent an email link to your mail id. you need to verify the link to enable mail blaster.

bulk email blaster
verify the link to enable mail blaster.

Step 3: When your email blaster you can send mail up to 1000 subscribers for free. Click on Send Mails button to create new campaigns and send emails to the subscribers list.

buy 1000 users
Click on Send Mails button to create new campaigns

Step 4 : Click on Create and send a new campaign to create your email campaign.

create new campaign
Create and send a new campaign

 Step 5: You can create your newsletter using simple WYSIWYG editor or switch to HTML editor. Enter all basic information like From name, From Email, Reply to email and subject or title for your News Letters.

new campaign
Enter all basic information

Step 6: Also, create newsletters by using the available tags like essential, personalization and custom field tags in your subject, plain text or HTML code and they’ll automatically be formatted when your campaign is sent. For web version and unsubscribe tags, you can style them with inline CSS.

Once you are done with all the details in the campaign click on Save & Next. 

further scroll down
click on Save & Next

Step 7: You can create a mail list by defining recipients email ids. Test mail the user added and edit newsletters and send away the newsletter or simply click on Send News Letter now!.

send newsletters
Send News Letter now!.

Step 8 : When you send out the newsletter to your email list a Campaign report will be generated. This report contains all the information like percentage of recipients who opened, not opened, % clicked a link and how many where unique clicks, % unsubscribed, any bounces if registered and any complaints if registered.  Scroll down the report to see detailed statistics of activity on your online school.

campaign report
click here to check the campaign report

Through Learnyst you can send out most optimized email campaigns and convert your trial users to paid ones in no time.

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