Teach Online – Course Publish Advanced Features

Teach online with Learnyst Course builder by creating your course in a well defined manner. To know how to create a course and publish it follow the link- https://blog.learnyst.com/2015/05/28/how-to-create-a-course-in-learnyst/ . Having done with course the creation you can describe your courses better with Learnyst course builder advanced features.

Step 1 : Login to http://www.learnyst.com as an admin. Click on PUBLISH YOUR COURSE.

Step 2 : Give your course a good name and description so that when you teach online your students can understand what your course offers.


Step 3 :  Upload a relevant course picture to your course. If you want to sell your course with a fee, set pricing for it or simply check the Free Course check box. There is a checkbox called Sell Independently which is selected by default. Which means you can sell that course as an independent course. If you do not want to sell the course as a single independent course then uncheck the checkbox. Now the course can be sold only as part of some bundle.


Step 4 : You can set either Validity or Expiry Date for your course until which student is enrolled. You can assign a user-friendly URL, so that users can remember the course link.

SEO tags can increase your website visibility in google search results. So, make sure you give relevant keywords for your courses in SEO description section.


Step 5 : You might want to sell your courses only on invite. In such case set such courses as Private. Else make them Public. 

You can promote your courses better with a promotional video or trailers. Embed Them clicking on Embed video button.

If you want to delete a course, you first have to delete all the lessons and all the sections in that course. Only then you can successfully delete the course.

privateStep 6 : To add Teachers to your course click on ‘+‘.

add teacher
 Step 7 : If you have not added any teacher to your school yet, you have to first add a teacher. Click on Here to add teacher’s details.
Step 8 :  This will take you to teachers tab. Click on Add Teacher button.
 Step 9 : Enter the details of Teacher and click on Save button. This will add teacher to your school.
 Step 10 : You can now come back to PUBLISH YOUR COURSE — > Settings page –> Other Settings and click on ‘+’ button where you can see the list of teachers in your school. Select the teacher who taught the particular course and click on Save
 Step 11 : Add FAQs to your course. This helps students understand how to take up your course. Click on Add New. Type your questions and answers and Save them.
 Step 12 : Once you add your FAQs you can edit or delete them in future.
 Step 13 : Click on Add New to add a testimonial. And click on Save. This will add the testimonial to your course.
Step 14 : You can put the testimonials of the students who have already taken up these courses. These helps you in letting the prospective learners know about the course. You can edit or delete the testimonials of the course anytime in future.
save and publish settings
 So once you are done with all your advanced settings click on Save and Publish.

You will soon realize that your course is better defined now! Teach online and take teaching to next level!

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