Teach dance classes online

Teach dance classes online: Benefits & Steps

If you plan to teach dance classes online, now is the right time.

Dance is one of the few art forms which has students across every demographic and age group. Some people learn to dance as a hobby, while some do it for fitness.  A sizable number of people also go on to make dancing a career. 

As a dance teacher, the present situation could be very difficult for you to meet and teach your students. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have made life difficult for everyone. Luckily, teaching an art form like dance can still continue even without physically meeting your students. This post takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to teach dance classes online in this present era.

Health benefits of dance

Apart from the monetary benefits, teaching dance can also help you stay fit during these turbulent times. Dance is not just a hobby, it is also one of the most physically enduring exercises ever. It involves the movement of every muscle on your body and is a real calorie burner. Dancing helps you stay fit and toned. Here are some of its health benefits that you can achieve by teaching dance – 

  • Longer heart life by increasing the rate of pumping blood
  • Improves lungs condition
  • Increase in fitness and physical strength
  • Weight management
  • Increase in coordination and teamwork
  • Improves conditions of physical and mental well-being
  • Boosts self-confidence

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Benefits of teaching dance online

Now that you have seen the benefits of teaching dance online, let’s understand why teaching dance online is the right step to take not only during this present pandemic time but even after the situation gets back to normalcy. Here’s why you should teach dance classes online – 

  • Your students can be from any part of the world. Your classes are not bound by the geography of your students anymore. The best part is you students can practice and have fun dancing with their friends who are not in the same city. 
  • Everybody is under isolation and is subjected to mental stress and is looking for the slightest means to come out of this dull period. This is the time where you can provide an opportunity for them to get engaged with some physical exercise that is also fun. 
  • The best part of teaching at a dance studio is that you have a direct vision of your learners and their movements. This might not be possible online. But you can still achieve a substantial level of interaction through live classes because it replicates the environment of a physical class. 
  • Missing dance classes for a week or 2 can result in a loss of confidence for your students. It also creates a gap in their skillset. Returning to your studio after a long gap can make them forget what they have learned so far. This is where online classes can help existing students to ensure learning continuity. 
  • Teaching dance online helps those students who are shy to dance in front of others. Since students will be practicing from the comfort of their homes without too many watchful eyes on them, they are no longer shy and end up dancing to their heart’s content.

How to teach dance online?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to teach dance online – 

Start designing your dance classes

Setting up dance classes involves tremendous creativity combined with the right set of tools. The right combination will easily help sell your classes in the market. The best place to build your dance class is a Learnyst Management System. Platforms like Learnyst help you start your class in a few steps. You can create both live sessions as well as recorded sessions through it. You can send push notifications or email notifications to your learners directly from an LMS on when the next class is or if a class has been canceled or postponed. 

Getting the right equipment to teach online

Any online class needs a set of mandatory equipment like a video camera, microphone, and laptop. Apart from these, there are secondary tools that vary with the nature of the class. For example, some dance styles might need hula hoops while some might need a special kind of shoes. Make a list of all those gears based on the type of dance you are going to teach your students. Purchase them well in advance before you start your first class.

teach dance classes online

Price your online classes correctly

Pricing plays a major role in any industry. It doesn’t matter how good your class is, if it is not priced properly, people will not come and learn from you. There is a wrong assumption that keeping your prices low will attract the maximum audience. This might be true but your classes will lose their value. People will no longer be proud of joining your classes. So fix a price that is neither too high nor too low. 

Gathering the audience

The last step is to search for the right audience. The most common way to search for an audience is to post about your classes on social media platforms and discuss them on public forums. You can also use your personal references to gather the audience. Offer free trials for users to get to know about your classes so that they can make informed decisions. Try using Reddit communities which have dedicated communities to discuss dance classes.

Using Learnyst LMS

Learnyst is an online course creator platform that can be used to create and manage any online courses including dance classes. It offers an array of tools to help you have a seamless teaching experience. 

Using Learnyst and your skills, you can create some world-class dance classes that will reach your customers in no time. Apart from course creation, Learnyst also helps to market your course to pull the desired audience for your course. You get your own website and dedicated app to promote and manage your students.

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