Student Analytics for Online Teachers

Student Analytics show you how well a particular student is doing in your course. Analytics can provide insights into the behaviors of your learners as a way for your online school to use the rafts of data you routinely collect to gain a better understanding of how to improve the learner experience and so gain a strategic advantage.

Benefits of Student Analytics include:

Improved student experience
Using activity patterns to recommend resources of particular relevance in the individual’s context (taking account of course, unit and even physical location) will accord with student expectations of a quality online experience; the same techniques can also benefit researchers.

Higher student retention
Patterns of student behaviour (such as Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) use, library resource access, lecture attendance) may help identify students at risk of performing poorly or dropping out, thereby generating early warnings and enabling timely interventions to increase success.

The goal of student analytics is to improve the course by gaining knowledge which can be used to make improvements or changes. You need better insight and analysis of student performances to make better decisions and take appropriate action. Helps in identifying successful and unsuccessful courses and programs, and analyze faculty workloads.

Student Analytics is A POWERFUL FOUNDATION FOR BETTER DECISION-MAKING. Student Information Analytics provides a powerful foundation for making better, more strategic decisions about course offerings, and the student population.

How Does Student Analytics On Learnyst Work?

Students analytics feature on Learnyst helps you with the enrollment details of the student like the date enrolled, purchase date and the expiry date of a student’s enrollment. Percentage completion of the course and the tests taken and their scores too. It helps you stay handy with all the student data required.

You can generate reports on students taking up tests, enrolling to courses or opting bundles.

Learnyst student analytics is unique in terms of getting into details like time taken for each question by a student. This enables teachers to provide one-on-one targeted feedback to students.

Login to Learnyst and go to Students.  On top panel you can select the required report. You can see the percentage of completion of particular course or test etc.
On top panel you can select the required report

Click on Tests to see the scores, percentage completed etc.

Click on Tests to see the scores, percentage completed etc.
If you click on any of the test you will get the scores of each section. You can further click on each section to see scores of each question. :56]
test result by sections

Expand the sections within that test, you can see marks obtained for each question along with time taken by student. 

Expand the sections within that test, you can see marks obtained for each question along with time taken by student

When used effectively, learning analytics can help achieve a better student experience with students benefiting from a more personalized learning experience.

Learnyst Student Analytics helps to give your students an unparalleled eLearning experience!

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