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SEO Guidebook: Build Links To Gain Trust

Link building is one important step in ensuring a better SEO ranking for your website. In this SEO guidebook, I will tell you how you can build links that

Do you remember the time when you asked your friend for the best and reliable dentist and then zeroed down on the perfect one? That’s the thing about a recommendation, we ask about for recommendations on what we are searching for; because recommendation makes us believe that the service we are looking for is provided by a trusted person or agency. It works the same way in the world of internet, and we call it link building. In today’s SEO guidebook, I will tell you more about link building.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the act of putting your links on other websites as per the services that you offer. Now you don’t really want to put your link on a website that lists the best doctors in town, while you run a test prep institution, right? So link building is all about the practice of placing a link to your website on other related websites. So when someone searches for services similar to what you offer, it will come from more than one site. A lot like real life recommendation, right? and what more? It helps in achieving a better SEO ranking, as the search engines will consider your website more reliable and suitable for that particular search query.

How Link Building Works?

So, suppose I’m opening my browser, open the google search bar and type, “Best online CAT preparation schools”. Here come the top 6 famous sites that tell me that best online CAT preparation is offered by Wayne CAT Prep School, i.e your website. So, as a result, I am bound to click on your website link and take the course, because it is recommended by 5-6 top websites that deal with the education sector.

The google bots, are tracking my search query, the search results, the ranking of the referring websites. So all of this information together will tell bot, your website is answering that specific query. So next time anyone searches with the similar search words, your website will come with a better ranking.

How You Can Build Links

Link building is fairly simple. All you have to do is make sure that other websites are containing your link. But, there are best practices for link building that you need to keep in mind.

  • Your link should have an anchor text that carries keywords from the query term
  • You should not put paid links on other sites. Google bots have a strict policy when it comes to link building. If the bots find out that these are paid links, then your ranking will face a disaster.
  • We advise you to build links on sites that are having a better website ranking than yours.
  • Always build links that are in the same field of your choice. Like, if you are an educator, then place your link on a site that is in the education field.

SEO Guidebook: Conclusion

So as you can understand from it, link building is equally important for as taking care of other SEO best practices. So start building your link today. If you are an online teacher who is looking for a platform to teach online, Learnyst helps you with the SEO also. When you launch your online teaching platform with us, we place a link to your website on our platform, giving you the primary SEO boost along with other SEO benefits. If you have any doubts or questions on SEO guide feel free to drop your comments below.

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