Sell Online Courses in 3 easy steps

Are you looking to sell online courses and make money? Learnyst offers all in one integrated e-learning solution for teachers and educators to create, sell & market their courses online. You can include courses with video lessons, PPTs, an additional reading material in the form of e-books and provide assessments (or mock tests) so that participants can assess their progress. Using Learnyst educators are earning 30X more revenue over their investment.

The best part is you can sell online courses from your branded website and keep 100% of your course revenue. We recommend you to sign-up on Learnyst – for a free 30-day trial to explore all our product features. With your signed-up account on Learnyst, you are just 3 steps away to make money by selling your courses & to build your brand as an online e-learning school.

1. Course creation and LMS platform

Learnyst provides a comprehensive course builder interface and LMS module to create and manage your online courses. It includes features such as an ability to upload courses, organize courses, option to have paid and free lessons, timed quizzes & assignments. You can create generic courses with video lessons, PDFs, PPTs & practice tests. Alternatively, you can create assessment courses to include timed mock tests or just assessments.

To make course creation process easy we have provided easy import features to embed videos from Youtube, Sprout or any other video hosting service. Similarly, for assessments, you can upload your questions as CSV file so that you can upload all your questions in one go. Within course builder, you can organize your course by adding sections and relevant lessons. You can choose a course to be encrypted, set a price, add course validity period and configure many other options to customize the course as per your requirement.

create course online
create a course online

Ensure that your every course has a good cover image, course title & course description. Adding these details are very important as these details get published automatically in your school front website. Having these course details helps students get an overview of your course resulting in getting better student enrollments. Finally, make sure you have pressed the published button and that your course is in the published state.

Please refer our other blogs for a detailed step-by-step guide on creating your online courses and to create assessments.

2. Customize & launch your branded school website

As you sign-up with Learnyst, we will provide you default school front website with course offerings & other standard sections like the header with student sign-up/login, about us & Contact Us sections. You can further customize this with Learnyst DIY website builder to suit your needs. Our site builder tools are powerful enough to create your branded website that reflects your identity. Using Learnyst site builder you can add or remove sections, change templates with each section, change background images, texts, icons, colors, styles and more. You can do all these with few simple mouse clicks without having to know any technical skills.

Learnyst Do-It-Yourself (DIY) web site builder
Learnyst Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website builder

When you move up with our pain plan, you can link your school front with your existing domain.

3. Configure your site for selling courses

Your online school built with Learnyst comes with E-Commerce features to sell Courses. We provide the technology for you to start selling from day one. Once you configure your payment gateway setting, You can receive payments for your paid courses directly to your account. You can take payments from credit cards & Paypal (depending on your payment gateway vendor). When you move to your independent domain, you can securely sell courses directly from your own website.

We look forward helping you sell online courses.

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