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Secrets To Market Your Online Course On YouTube

In July month alone YouTube has generated 117 billion views as per Tubular Insights channel. With more than 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute, over 4 billion views yielded every day, YouTube can yield a long-tailing marketing benefit to your online course. It is also the most cost-effective way to make your online course popular among billions of viewers out there.

Create Compelling Videos For Your Online Course

Before starting to market your online course you have to keep in mind that your videos got to be very resourceful. Videos containing funny, or shocking, or scary, or extremely informative elements or full of personality are the ones that pull the viewer’s attention. If your video doesn’t contain any of these then  the effort of marketing and promotion will be futile. Focus on marketing only after you’ve created something worth marketing, otherwise, it’s just fruitless.

Let us consider you have extremely resourceful videos that can make extraordinary online course content. Just that is not enough. It needs a better platform to market. To make visible to the world. To pull the interested learners who are willing to join. That is where Marketing On YouTube comes into the picture.

You can check some of the amazing authoring tools to create your video content for your online courses

Top authoring tools to create video lessons


Sharing your course promotional videos, free trial videos on youtube can help you reach the influencer directly. Create videos that stand out from others in conveying the same ideology. The videos you create should be able to draw the curiosity among viewers. Choosing the thumbnail for your videos play the most important role here. The viewer is going to click on your video only if he finds something curious on the screen. An interesting thumbnail that is capable of drawing the attention is what matters at this stage. But having a thumbnail as per relevance at the same time is important. The trick is not to have an irrelevant thumbnail just to make the viewer click on it doesn’t work for long enough.


Youtube’s suggested videos are a big plus. Most views to your videos are fetched through suggested videos to viewers watching videos on similar or related topics.

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing on YouTube can help you get found on google search.

On Youtube, it is important to choose keywords that are relevant to people who are looking at your videos for new information. Because they would be looking up to educate themselves based on those keywords. They are not already committed to purchase. Not yet sold to your online course basically.

So, when marketing on YouTube, it’s important to consider and recognize it as the first stage in the buying process. Choose the keywords that are relevant to people who are looking for new information regarding the topic in which you have the online course. Then provide the video content that educates based on those keywords. You can use the google AdWords Display Planner tool to research keywords for your video descriptions and ad targeting.

To make videos findable you have to keep below key points in mind

  • Keyword Research
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Description Optimization
  • Video Transcript

Upload your videos on youtube

Encouraging Video Responses

Before asking for a video response you may consider responding to one of their videos first before asking for the return favor. Because  the Video Response is the most important of all other social currencies like view count, Likes, Comments, as video response requires the most investment from your viewer.

By creating content that has the potential to go viral on YouTube, build a branded channel and increase your learners by creating videos for your online course on YouTube. Get started to increase your visibility through YouTube Marketing.

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