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Customise result grading using Quiz maker

Online quiz maker helps teacher save his/her time by adding custom grading. It also helps student to know their strengths and weakness instantaneously.

Mock tests or Quizzes play an important role in e-learning. It provides an array of benefits for both the learner and the instructor. Giving grades and feedback is an integral part of it and also the most time consuming task for the instructor. In essence, grading is an exercise in professional judgment on the part of teachers. It is very important for instructor to assess what people have learned. Which then can be used to motivate people to “want to” learn. And feedbacks needs to be good as it involves commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of a learner and enable learning to actually take place!

Grading provides many advantages

  1. It considerably reduces the significance of numerical marks which suffer from a imperfections. Imperfections includes inter and intra-examiner variability and imperfection of tools.
  2. The scale used in the award of marks neither satisfies the criterion of absolute 0, nor that of absolute 100.
  3. Individuals can not be distinguished on the basis of single-number right score. It is not humanly possible, especially in the context of assessment of student’s potential. Hence, the answer lies in grading which places students of similar potential in one grade.
  4. Unlike marks, grading does not get affected by the difficulty of test.
  5. Grading on the curve also provides for comparison of student’s performance across the board.
  6. Award of grades through relative grading method invariably covers the entire range of distribution regardless of the nature of subject, meaning thereby that every subject will have A grade, B grade, C grade, D grade, E grade. This subscribes to the fact that learning is evenly distributed across the subject areas.
  7. Last and not the least, grades ease avoidable pressure on students and parents.

But to implement grading, instructor needs to evaluate, grade and then send personalised message to each student. Looks like time consuming task, isn’t it?

I will say it is not!! Now-a-days online teaching business is booming. Teachers are using quiz maker to create and sell quizzes online which provides a simple, elegant and easy to use interface driven result grading system. Online quiz maker in LMS (learning Management System) ease the grading process to a greater extent. 

Advantage of using Quiz maker for grading

Automatic grade generation for the result score

Quiz maker provides the automatic generation of the grade for the score that the student obtains for the test, based on the grading scheme set by the instructor for the quiz. Once the student submit the quiz, he/she will be instantaneously prompted with the grades he/she has got for that quiz.

Online quiz maker- Showing student grades after attempt

Customisable grading schemes

Not all exams have maximum marks as 100, not all exams can have the same passing or failing marks. Not all grading system can have the same grading scale. That’s why there is need for customisable grading schemes and the facility to be able to do it with ease. Quiz maker provides a very user friendly interface to achieve the same. The instructor can create any grading scheme with any grading scale!

Online quiz maker - Custom grading by teacher

Adding personalised comment for each result along with the grade

Grades are abstraction of a great deal of information into a single letter or a word. Also, the cut-offs between grades are always arbitrary and difficult to justify. Every student on seeing his score or grade would like to know what went wrong and what could he/she have done better. Not just that, on getting good grade he/she would surely like a comment from his instructor for a pat-on-the-back feel. Quiz maker allows this well. Instructor can put in the comment for his student for the grades that he/she has achieved.

Quiz maker- Adding custom comment for each grading

Adding personalised image to signify the grades

An instructor may like to signify the grade his student with a nice image of a ribbon or a medal or whatever he/she desires to make his student excited or motivated for the grade he/she got. Quiz maker helps with that with an easy interface to upload to the desired image for any corresponding grade. Such a gesture would definitely make a student happy.

Adding image for grade

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