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Question Pool – One stop spot to add, reuse and monitor your questions

Question pool is a latest feature added in the Learnyst platform that allows you to create an exhaustive list of questions relevant to your course or tests. The feature also allows you to track questions, gives you valuable analytics to understand your customers.

Question Pool – Creating mock test questions and course quizzes will be your one time effort.

Why should you use the new question pool feature?

Our stats suggest that 80-90% of successful teachers use analytics and other powerful tools to create mock tests that meet their student’s queries.

Wouldn’t it be great then, if you had access to such a feature in your online academy?

Well, the good news is that you actually can. Our latest feature -the “Question Pool” provides you with this functionality.

Before I tell you more about its features, let me share an analogy.

Illustration of hands holding junk food
Illustration of hands holding junk food

Just for a moment imagine that you are the owner of a restaurant that sells an endless list of fast food items. After a few weeks of starting this business, you start observing a specific pattern.

You find out that on Sunday nights, you get bulk orders for pastries and thick shakes, whereas cheese burst pizza’s tops the order list on Monday nights.

People prefer your honey oats bread instead of your italian bread and don’t like your cheesy and spicy rice bowl.

Most people like ordering your food through Swiggy and those who order pizzas and subs always crave for something sweet after their healthy meal delivery.

Wouldn’t it help to understand your customers, if you had access to such powerful data analysis?

Such a valuable insight, could help you cut down nonperforming items like rice bowl and help you focus more on making fresh pizzas or honey oats subs.

It could help you upsell to your customers by offering a 50% off on pastries if they are ordering a burger. You can even buy ingredients in advance based on your customer demands.

Most importantly, by responding to your customers pain points, your business creates a personal bond with your customers. For your customers, your fast food joint will be the first thing that comes to their mind.

Just like the fast food joint, your online academy is a business armed with powerful tools that provides you ways to understand and respond to your audience needs at a faster pace.

Question pool is a recent feature in our platform, that allows you to create an exhaustive list of questions that you can use to create mock tests. It allows you to create a warehouse of questions using which you can create multiple mock tests using the “import from pool” functionality.

 find the question pool

There are a few reasons as to why we recommend Question Pool to our teachers:

  • To create multiple tests or test series without having to upload questions each time.
  • Use the analytics feature in question pool to create better tests based on your student’s abilities.
  • Use the question tag feature to tag questions based on topics. Your questions can be filtered from the pool based on these tags.
  • Easily create mock tests with multiple types of tests like MCQ’s, Essay questions, Numeric questions.
  • Allow experts to create questions in the pool and delegate responsibility to a sub-admin to map the questions to relevant courses.

Apart from allowing you to create a database of questions, this feature also gives you the metrics to access your questions.

You can see the repeated questions across your mock tests, the count of correct and wrong answers and the total questions left unanswered.

using metric to analyses

Like in the analogy above, you can use this data to know where your students falter and use it to create the right type of test modules for them.

By interacting with your students, you may even end up discovering a business opportunity in a niche market which has been left unexplored by your competitors.

Where can you find the Question Pool?

So, now that you know why you should use the question pool, let me tell you where you can find the question pool.

finding of question pool

The Question Pool is available in your dashboard right below the “Products” subheading. You can click create question pool option to add new questions into the pool.

Note: The question pool feature is only available to users who have selected either the test pack or the combo pack. The question pool will not be available for the course pack users.

How can you add questions into the question pool?

Learnyst platform provides you with two template formats in excel and in word, to help you upload your questions into the pool.

import of questions through excel or word

Within each template, there are tags or groups that categorize questions for you. You can paste your questions into the template and also fill in the relevant tags.

A sample word template looks like the image below.

inserting questions in word

A sample excel template looks like the one below.

inserting questions in excel

Note: Use the [TAG] feature (in word) or Tag column (in excel) to create question categories. These categories will allow you to track your questions.

Once you have added all your questions in your template, you can use the upload icon to upload the question.

uploading file

You can view all your added questions in the question pool as below.

checking uploaded questions

Note: While Uploading questions in the pool

  • Currently, the pool doesn’t remove duplicate questions. Please ensure that you remove duplicate questions while uploading your templates.
  • There is no limit to the amount of questions you can upload in a question pool.

I hope this article gives you an insight about what the question pool feature does for you and how you can benefit from it. If you have doubts about how to use this feature you can look for the support article here.

Feel free to share your comments down below if you have any doubts.

If you would are interested in trying out our platform, there is a forever free plan wherein, you can create your own online academy and access all features.

I would really be happy to see you try our features and profit from your knowledge. Here is the link to the forever free plan.

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