Why You should Invest in Push Notification For Online Institution

With the inception of internet and mobile apps, the netizens are always hooked to their web screens or mobile screens. So as a online tutor, why shouldn’t you garb their attention on their mobile screens, right? And push notification is one easy way to grab the attention of your learners on the go. Wondering why you should be thinking of integrating push notification for online institution? Let me tell you the benefits of push notification.

Why Should I Have Push Notification for Online Institution

Push notification can be your best to tool, to attract, engage and retain your learners. We can confidently say that with push notification you can increase your learner retention by as much as 200%.

Engaging More Learners

Many teaching apps or online teaching websites have a wide customer base of inactive users who have signed up for it at some point of time, but do not use it. Push notifications is what comes in igniting the old interest. It allows the teachers to provide up-date relevant information regarding topics they are teaching, encouraging engagement, sparking re-recognition and increasing involvement.

Chantal Tode, associate editor on Mobile Marketer, reported on a study from Forrester research, in Push notifications should be integrated into direct marketing, CRM strategies: Forrester. The report mentions various benefits of push notifications; including increasing traffic, optimizing app use and driving conversions.

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User Control

Through app/browser settings and notification settings of the device, users can customize how and what they see in terms of notifications. This greatly decreases the chance of your updates annoying the customers.

If you feel you have relevant content for a specific learner group, start reaching out to them with your branded teaching app developed by Learnyst.

Insight into Customer Behavior

According to industry experts, one of the benefits of push notifications is that they provide valuable information on user behavior through the tracking of messages and the interaction times, devices, platforms and situations which generate the most engagement, revealing when, where, why and how users use your app. Push notifications provide sophisticated analytics with data on delivery receipt, open rate time and engagement.

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, push notifications are a lot less messy then emails, they are quick and easy to manage. They are simple, uncomplicated messages that provide only the essential information, making them more effective. On the tutors’ side push messages are simpler to produce and cheaper than sending an SMS. They provide valuable customer information, which is highly direct and specific, making it easy to translate into effective future marketing strategies.

Complementary Communication Channel

Push notification is also the powerful method of alerting customers of last minute deals, coupons and special deals. These additional messages form a complementary marketing channel where teachers to communicate extra, value-adding information. You can customize the information especially for push notifications, ensuring their relevance and improving their important to learners.

Use Push Notification With Learnyst

Realizing the importance of push notification, we at Learnyst have developed our own push messaging service. You can use it across all the platforms and increase the retention rate by 200%. What’s more? Push Messaging is free of cost.

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