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Onscreen Evaluation System: Key Benefits

Find out what are the key benefits of implementing an onscreen evaluation system in your academy and how it can improve your course.

Onscreen Evaluation System: Key Benefits

An onscreen evaluation system is the talk of the town today. It has replaced traditional evaluation techniques due to its many benefits.

Onscreen evaluation

But before we explain the above, you need to understand the role of an examination in the teaching system. The examination is an unavoidable part of any course curriculum. It has a meaningful purpose; it enhances the students’ knowledge, increases their retention capacity, and provides a better understanding of the subject. But most importantly, it helps the teachers self-evaluate their teaching standards by assessing the students’ performance in the exam. In short, it acts as a performance indicator that gives a clean result for every participant in the teaching ecosystem. 

Needless to say, where there is an exam, there will always be an evaluation system. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to evaluate with utmost care because the result from the evaluation decides the future of your course. There are two types of evaluation systems – conventional/manual and digital/modern. The conventional system is the traditional method of evaluation, where the assessment is done manually by an evaluator. The digital method, however, is the road less taken. It involves the use of technology to do the assessment.

In this blog, we will discuss the digital evaluation system and its key benefits to the e-learning industry.

What is an onscreen evaluation system?

Onscreen evaluation is a game-changing technology in the field of e-learning. With the on-going shift towards online education, it is essential to have the assistance of various latest technologies. This improves the quality of your course as well as makes your work easier. Typically, an onscreen evaluation system automatically evaluates the answers and produces the results instantly to the exam takers. In such systems, technology is the primary building block for assessment. Nowadays, it has also become a trend to have such modern evaluation systems to have more sales value for the courses.

Transition to the onscreen evaluation system

It always takes some time to shift from an existing system to a completely new system. The same applies in the case of an onscreen evaluation system. But remember this – the benefits are multitude, and it is worth the shift. Also, every institute is making an effort to build an e-learning space. Research even points out that by 2019, the global e-learning market had already crossed $200 million. So the next logical step is to upgrade the system with new tools and the latest technologies. If you do not have an online education mode, having one with a modern evaluation system can save thousands of rupees. It cuts down many tangible costs, time, and also efforts to correct the students’ answers. It also gives a faster exam-to-result rate.

How to implement an onscreen evaluation system

Consider the following simple steps –

  • Identifying goals
  • Planning for resources
  • Trial run the application
  • Organizing training sessions for the staffs
  •  Launch

These are some simple and proven steps to implement an effective onscreen evaluation system in your college or your online academy. To know more about implementing an onscreen/digital evaluation system in your college, read our blog on Digital Evaluation System: How to implement it in your college.

Key Benefits of Onscreen Evaluation System

An onscreen evaluation system is, by far, one of the most significant discoveries in the field of e-learning. It has turned many tedious tasks into very simple ones. Let us have a more in-depth look at the key benefits of this fantastic technology. After all, before implementing the onscreen evaluation system, it is always good to know how beneficial it will be for your activities.

Ease and convenience

Compared to the traditional paper-based evaluation system, the onscreen evaluation system is highly convenient. Answers are automatically evaluated based on the pre-created answers stored in the software. This gives a hassle-free experience to the examiners.

Time-saving and speed of results

Manually correcting answer sheets and transferring the data to the system consumes a lot of valuable time, and also, there is a high possibility of human errors. Thankfully, with the onscreen evaluation system, not only the tests are automatically graded, the results are stored in the system. You can even download them in the form of a report for future references. An onscreen evaluation system makes your life as an evaluator simpler and more efficient.

Quality Consistency

It is practically not possible to offer a consistent quality of evaluation with the manual method. Most of the papers are sent for re-verification, which turns unproductive usage of resources for most institutes. An onscreen evaluation system enables the examiners to ensure tight quality control at all times. Since machines evaluate your answers, every exam will have the same quality of evaluation irrespective of who conducts it.


It is common for most people to have an iota of doubt regarding the security of digital technology. This is understandable. But remember this, it is also not secure while evaluating manually where you have to move the answer sheets from one location to another. You can completely avoid this in an onscreen evaluation system. The results are securely stored and encrypted for safety purposes in most systems. Modern technologies also offer features that help to backtrack the evaluation process from the beginning if there is an error.


In some cases, the evaluator tends to be biassed towards a particular student. Their evaluation might not be completely fair, and they might increase the marks for a particular student which is wrong. The onscreen evaluation system does not allow such a biased evaluation. The technology is completely foolproof and ensures that the evaluation is independent of the evaluators, once the answers are fed into the system.

Evaluating answers

Students always want to see their evaluated answer sheets to know their mistakes and to correct them in the future. In a traditional system, most examiners just talk about whether the answer is correct or wrong. They never talk about why it is wrong. In an onscreen evaluation system, not only the correct answers are stored, even the workings of the answers can be stored. This gives the students to analyze the right answer after the test is completed. 

How Learnyst helps?

Learnyst LMS has numerous features to help conduct online mock tests, online classes, and sell courses. Learnyst has a robust test engine and a Test Maker app with numerous features to conduct and evaluate an exam smoothly. Some benefits of creating tests using Learnyst are:

  • Immediate and unbiased feedback
  • Confidentiality
  • Progress tracking
  • Improvement suggestions

To know more about Learnyst Test Maker, click here.

What’s Next?

Now that you know the benefits of an onscreen evaluation system, it is time to implement this system in your college or academy and enjoy effortless evaluation.

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