Online Teaching – Using Quora Effectively

According to Quantcast, reaches over 1.7 million U.S. monthly people as on today. So how to make use of these audiences to get leads to your online teaching website?

Create an optimal Quora profile

Every time you leave an answer, a bit of your bio is viewable right at the top. This is a great opportunity to extend a little branding. Quora shows the first 50 characters of your profile i.e., your name and bio, as a tagline above your answer. But a bio in which a full bio is visible in the answers is better than the one with ‘…more’ link

The best way to write a bio about yourself is to look for qualities that distinguish you from both others in general as well as others in your area of expertise.

Create better engagement

Answering the questions is a way to keep yourself active in Quora but that is not sufficient. You have to also ‘Upvote’ others’ well-written answers and ‘Thank’ people for commenting on your answers.

A small tip on writing topic specific bio.

To set up a topic-specific bio, click on your profile page. In the right column, you’ll see a list of “Knows About” topics. Next to each topic is a link to “Describe your experience.” Clicking here will let you set the topic-specific bio.

After this, go ahead and complete your Quora profile as much as possible.

  • Add a detailed About Me section
  • Add your areas of expertise
  • Add your interests
  • Add your cities
  • Schools & colleges you’ve attended
  • Previous companies
  • Connect your other social media accounts

So make sure that bios of the topics which you list as “Know About”, are short, crisp and at the same time well written. For Bio used for a specific position / industry, keep all the text relevant to those areas

How tracking topics through notifications can help?

You can know about what people in online teaching industry are looking for. For example, go through the trends and question patterns on Quora. You get to know what the learners want to learn online. You can get a lot of Online teaching ideas. Also, you get to know what really works and what not. Read the below-mentioned blog which tells about what learners want to learn online. It is based on trending topics on Quora.

Choose the Questions carefully

Finding a perfect question to answer is very much important to get your online teaching idea work. If you want to reap something useful of Quora.

You can answer any question you’d like on Quora, which is a great way to get involved in the community and share knowledge. but If you’re looking for a strategic way to answer questions, here are some things to consider.

  • Search for your chosen topic. This will narrow down the questions significantly.
  • Choose a topic that fits your business, that you’ve written about recently, or that you have meaningful stats for.
  • Find threads with lots of upvotes. The upvotes signal that the questions are viewed a lot. A popular answer here could potentially lead to thousands of views per day (and dozens or hundreds of clicks back to your site).
  • Find new questions. You stand a greater chance of bubbling up to the top of the answers list if your answer comes early.

Tips to answer your chosen questions

  • Use images to your answers to help support your point. And these images are also great eye-catchers.
  • Do not write short answers.
  • Even though your answers are lengthy, it should be specific, focused.
  • A Storytelling pattern helps readers stick to the answer and read complete answer. Even if you have a story that’s relevant and starts in the middle of the action, you still want to keep it brief.
  • Do address the answer improvements suggested by the moderator.
  • Don’t forget that you are representing your company through Quora, and all of your actions can reflect on your company’s level of customer care. What’s more, joke answers will be collapsed by moderators, so don’t waste your time.
  • well-crafted answers bolster your reputation and can even generate leads. If someone with a substantial number of followers votes up your answer, it’s promoted to all of their subscribers as well.

Benefits from Quora

There are lot benefits of making use of for your online teaching business. They are,

  • Gaining valuable insights from your peers
  • Reaching a targeted audience
  • Cross promotion of content
  • Market research based on questions and answers

Quora is a powerful social community with large number active intellectual people and students who’s ideas and blogs can help you build your Brand.

Quora is the perfect place to establish credibility in your market, generate new ideas for your blog content and headlines, and build more traffic to your website and social media with a well-optimized profile and branded topic. By engaging just three times a week, you can measure your progress in the Stats section under your login name, which provides the number of visitors, Upvotes, and shares.

The website can help develop your personal brand in many ways including giving you more exposure to thousands of active members. All in all, these are a few things you need to know about Quora.


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