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Online Teaching – Top 10 benefits of having your own online elearning school

If you're already a teacher then you might want to start teaching online, Read this blog where we list out 10 benefits of online teaching.

If people who invest huge money and run training schools looked posh, you’ll start feeling dumb of yourself after reading this blog!

I am listing some top ten benefits of changing your regular classroom training over online teaching.

1. Why waste money on Infrastructure?

If you are financially sound and have your own infrastructure or are an heir apparent inheriting your grandpa’s fortune you are lucky enough!

But if you don’t belong to either of these categories then you might want to know that, a good 3000 sq ft commercial space for rent in the city like Bangalore can cost you around 2 lakh rupees a month.

I’m sure you agree, it is much higher in metropolitan. So by setting up your own e-learning school to teach online, I’m sure you agree about saving a lot of money.

2. Get branded Globally

When you teach online you can catch the eyes of the globe and you can get students across the world to enroll to your school.

Students don’t have to come down to your town and plan their accommodations. Make them learn Anytime, any place. Doesn’t it sound cool?

Also, you can also get faculty from across the globe. Just let them share their video lessons and make better quality online teaching experience reach your students at their place.

3. Grow Exponentially

With regular classroom teaching, you take some time to grow. Scaling is increasingly difficult given the physical & geographical limitation associated with classroom teaching. It takes some time to establish a brand. It can happen only over a period of time. Even the best among institutes have taken time like ten to fifteen years. But online teaching has exponential growth.

Did you know? Institutes like 2IIM have been successful in capturing thousands of students within a short span of 3 to 4 months through Online Teaching.

4. Campaign Effectively

Through timely notifications online and social networks and social media available you can campaign your courses better. You have so many online marketing techniques to campaign your online schools effectively. The good thing is that people can enroll then and there when they get to know about it.

For regular classroom teaching/training even if you spend lakhs together on television commercials how many people sitting in another city drive down to your town to join the school?

5. Save time and paper! Go green! Teach online! 

Unless you are an environment activist I am sure you wouldn’t know much of the fact that 500 copier paper sheets use 6 percent of a tree. With online Tests/Courses, you save the globe!

You have to give question papers and answer sheets to students. Students are asked to submit assignments and also to communicate exam registrations and the hall tickets and lastly results!  All these involve so much of paperwork to conduct an exam.

With e-learning schools, you can handle all these online. Students can Login, register, pay and enroll to the courses they like and start learning. Take up tests. Once they submit their answers they can cross check their answers immediately with correct ones published.

6. Manage Effectively

Student and faculty management becomes easier. Learning management systems provide the best management services which will keep you out of management challenges.

In Online Teaching, you don’t have to spend resources on evaluating the answer sheets and giving away the results. Even students need not wait for days to get their results when they take up online courses. Test results are published as soon as they submit their answers.

7. No external dependency

Through Online Teaching, you can eliminate dependencies on banks and postal services for enrollments, fee payment, communications etc. You will have simple payment gateways with which students can pay for your course and enroll anytime and anywhere. They need not wait for working days, working hours of banks to get their DDs/Cheques and bring it back to you.

8. Get Responses Quickly

The Human Brain is so fast that a distraction of more than a minute can affect one’s decision. In such case, if a student decides to take up a course in regular school they need to go to the school, do some paperwork and then enroll. There are a lot of things that can affect their decision in this meantime. You lose students to it. But when you teach online your school is open to the world and an aspirant sitting in some other corner of the globe can become your student in no time by signing up. He/She just has to register online and pay for your course and start their learning.

9. Secure the content and reuse

Developing your course content is really a hard task. Once you have done that you always have the fear of losing it to the wrong hands when you give hard copies like notes or study materials. It can easily be misused.

But Teaching online, once you have your online content library created you can secure it and just keep reusing it for multiple courses without any fear content theft.

You can also do a combination of courses with those content without any reworks.

10. You are the BOSS! 

Though you have the best of knowledge about the subject I am sure most doing a job somewhere else because of the overheads of building a regular classroom training school and managing it. Not all of us would want to take all that risks involved. That is where e-learning school is better preferred. There are best Learning Management Systems available that helps you teach online. What is more relishing than being your own boss?


Don’t you think online teaching has a lot of benefits? But it is not void of challenges.

If you plan to have an e-learning website then you need to have an IT team to build a website and maintain it. You have to spend some real cost on server maintenance etc.  So how to get through these technical challenges?

A Better option for building an e-learning school is creating your online school through Learnyst. You don’t have to write code, nor maintain a server. Create your own online school in just three simple steps. Sign up and go live.

Visit learnyst 

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